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    The muster field before Quan Zhou was cold and a harsh wind blew across it as the north winds from Khum Khatra surged down and out towards the open steppes, the first cold winter storms could be smelt on the wind. Several administrators shivered as the bitterly cold wind cut through their thin Adminstratum robes as they waited for the newest arrivals from the recall to form up, some looked about and fidgeted in mild boredom while more senior Adepts jotted notes on thick velum for future reference as no doubt the Marines formation would be split and their numbers dispersed amongst the Brotherhoods in most need of reinforcements. There would have had been mass celebrations and parades as the first numbers of the dispersed fifth legion arrived at their new home, but now it was a few officials and senior legion staff officers waiting to see what bedraggled legionaries arrived at their doorstep the arrival of the Khan beforehand had robbed any chance for pomp and ceremony. The majority of the pathfinders for the 750th expeditionary fleet sported battle-damaged armor and some form of injury, with one of its command staff half dead and laying on a gurney in a life support pod waiting for someone to inspect them.

    Khan Qin Fai strode up with Stormseer Lo Pan to the assembled ragtag marines, he cast a disparaging eye over the new arrivals.

    “They look shabby, they could have made an effort before meeting the Khagan.”

    Lo Pan moved his head slightly to acknowledge Qin Fai.

    “They have battled through a blockade and left our brother legion to answer our Fathers recall of the legion, if you have read the report you will be understanding of their plight. Besides was it not such a manner you, yourself bowed and had accepted the Khan as your rightful leader?”

    Qin Fai laughed and slapped the Stormseer on the back.

    “I was a snot nosed youth whose knees quaked when I first saw Him, they still go funny when I see Him. It feels an age since I last laid eyes on our father.”
    Qin Fa gripped his tulwar absent mindedly until he was nudged by Lo Pan, raising his eyes he found his hearts quickened. The Khan of Khans strode down to meet the arrivals, his fine khitani robes was tugged by the growing winds as the storm front grew ever closer, as ever by his side Qin Xa master of the Keshig and Yesugei strode next to the Master of the Ordo as a number of Remembrancers, Scribes and Servants gathered in a small gaggle behind them hopeful to bend the Khans ear. Qin Fai clasped his arm to his chest and took a knee, Lo Pan shadowing him before following the Khans wake moving to gain a place near the Master of the Keshig.

    The Khan looked at the small force attired in the livery of the Star Hunters; the Battle worn faces from his legion's early life on Terra stared back at him awaiting his judgment and his welcoming into Ordo Jaghatai. He moved towards the Captain laying half dead on the gurney and looked concern at the grieves wounds he bore; it was clear he needed to be in the hands of the apothecaries and surgical intervention if it wasn’t too late. The Khans disconcerting eye picked out the signs that it would be too late if this parade lasted too long and all that could be done is to give the Captain the Emperors peace for the choice of interment to the sarcophagus of a dreadnaught was an alien thought to the Children of the Steppe and few had chosen that path in the legion.

    “Captain, you hang by but a thread, why are you here and not in the hands of the Apothicarian?”

    Captain Lars Bevald coughed, specks of blood colored his lips and his cheeks became pale. A worried Lieutenant held him up when commanded by a subtle wave of a hand.

    “My Lord, Captain Lars Bevald, it is my duty to present my unit and hand it over to a superior commander, I do not want to be found wanting in completion of my duties.”

    Lars was wracked with more coughing and became short of breath, an attendant medicae passed an oxygen mask up to the Captain and whispered to the Lieutenant that time was ebbing away. Lars waved away the mask and tried to compose himself to finish what he had started to convey.

    “We are.... the pathfinders of the 750th Expeditionary Fleet, we left the Blood Angels and fought our way here after we swore that we would see our newly found Lord and gene sire with our own eyes..... or die trying!”

    Lars collapsed backwards and was lowered onto the gurney unresponsive, Jaghatai waved forward Qin Xa.
    “Escort the Captain with haste to see the Akoghlanar, stabilize him as much as they can and my friend offer him the peace if he needs it and will take it, if not there is the path of Uhaan Solban.”

    A shudder passed around those born of the steppe at the mention of the guardians of the morning and evening stars, the subconscious fear of being trapped in a metal box in some parody of life or prolonged undeath was an unspoken dread in the Vth legion something other legions had no real concern about.

    Qin Xa looked at his charge and nodded grimly and with fast jabs of his fingers indicated towards the attendant medicae and two of his own body guards follow him and grabbed the gurney and pushed it off towards the fortress monastery. Jaghatai looked back at the marines and cast an eye over the lieutenant who had held up the Captain and had noted the familiar facial features of the Captain, a brother in more than name.

    “Lieutenant Bevald, you are acting Khan now and you will finish off your brother's duty. This unit will retire to Quan Zhou where you shall rest before evaluations to determine which Brotherhoods you will be dispersed too.”

    The Khagan cast his eye over the battle-weary marines and stood tall to address them.
    “You are strangers to this world, a remainder of an old way of life, an old way of war. That ends today! You were too late to undertake in the blooding as you were far beyond my call, so you stand as Star Hunters but you will leave as the Ordu Jaghatai.”

    Jaghatai unsheathed the white tiger, his master crafted tulwar and with a flourish whipped it round his side before slicing it across his palm before offering the tulwar blade first towards the Lieutenant.
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