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    A song of Chogoris

    A little fluff for a white scars heresy army i am working on will do a blog on the appropriate section in the next day or so and will link it together. any way part 1

    A Song of Chogoris

    Redoubt 3816/AX Sagornis sector/Terra/Day 23

    A tale of The Brotherhood of the Nine Winds

    Rubble clatters down the side of the curtain wall like loose scree on a mountain, as the earth shook eight more times from the heavy mortar rounds dropping in sporadically, shrapnel and thick clawing dust showered some of the defenders but their armor protected them from the worst of it. Delkiin Khün, Khan of the Brotherhood of the Nine Winds was leaning into an observation slit, his white and red armor damaged and stained from days of fighting, any other time he would have sought the ministrations of brother Ganbold the Brotherhoods Techmarine , fine dust had also began to clog the cooling intakes on his powerpack and was affecting his amour's efficiency but this was no other day, this was a time of bloody hand to hand fighting and of death, seeing Ganbold could wait for now or indefinitely, depending on the next turn of events but for now he scoured the western approach for movement.

    He waited patiently, the mortars had ceased their harassment and Delkiin was scanning for a predicted attack on the curtain walls weak point, He was willing them to come so he could get it over and done, face his enemy but they played this game of torment trying to fray already strained nerves. In the background low sobbing and crying from the few civilians able to make the relative safety of the redoubt intermingled with the commands of the Imperial Army moving along the bottom of the curtain wall and guttural chants of the traitor forces lurking in the ruins and trench works beyond. The noise and constant state of readiness was wearing on the defender's mortal and Astarte's alike though in different ways many of the mortals looked hollow eyed and twitched at any minor noise while the Brotherhood had not the same issues dealing with the constant demands of battle they were beginning to become frustrated, wishing to ride out, meet their enemies and meet them on terms that they wished. They were by the majority Sons of Chogoris, born of the open steppe, spirits that longed to ride with the wind and sun upon their faces and they wished to be tearing through the Traitors at breakneck speeds instead of being fixed within the Redoubt playing at siege warfare, that was the way of the Sons of Dorn or of Perturabo, not their way! Jaghatai Khan had ordered them to hold the redoubt as the linchpin to his right flank, and so they sat awaiting as the traitors played their game slowly bleeding or dying at each minor engagement.

    Delkiin eyed movement in the far trench as traitors forced cultists forward ready to expend them as cannon fodder, he keyed his vox mic.
    “Movement, Grid three, eighty plus, all nominals, all sections make ready, section one and three controlled bursts when targets reach marker red five, section two fire mission at preset Bravo six, five round, incendiaries on my mark.”
    Delkiin raised a magnocular to his eyes risking a glare from the sunlight on the optics giving his position away to any sharp shooters, he zoomed in watching a mix of cultists and traitor Imperial Army forced forwards by pain whips used by hidden Traitor masters, they reluctantly moved past the rotting and bloated corpses of previous assault groups and towards the redoubt slowly picking up speed as they tried to move out of the range of the mortars and under their firing arc, Delkiin blink selected the vox channel for section two, Brother Mönkhbat.
    “Section two, ready in, five, four, three, two, mark!”

    The thunk of the last serviceable mortars firing was heard in the compound behind Delkiin, he watched and began a mental count down until the first round hit the pre-targeted coordinates, the cannon fodder were making slow progression when the first mortar round hit and exploded, white phosphor and shrapnel showered the rear most of the assault party and immolated some of them as the phosphorus reacted to the oxygen in the atmosphere , blind fear occurred and the cultists in the assault group panicked, running out from the cover of the trench and past hidden range markers, Delkiin waited for the section leads to acknowledged that targets were entering the kill box and shots rang out as the designated section marksman hit platoon leads and other members of the section fired bursts into the mass of troops trying to rush towards the curtain wall, blood and viscera sprayed onto already clogged dirt , to their credit the a core of traitor Imperial Army troops was making good headway trying to duck and weave through cover but their numbers had been whittled down to handful of veterans and even they had given up notion of assaulting the curtain wall and concentrated in a lee of the wall trying to plan what to do next as the surviving cultists were trying to run for safety.

    Delkiin turned and nodded to an Auxiliary corporal who in turn cranked a valve to a pivoted spray nozzle and hosed boiling hot oil onto those traitors hiding below, their screams filtered up to the defenders above.

    “Thirty second pour Corporal we may need to save that for the upcoming assault.”

    “Aye Sir, thirty seconds.”

    Delkiin swung the magnocular back up and spotted a glint of the enemy marine commander hidden in the ruins of a hab block and clicked his vox bead.

    “Bürged sector bravo seven, point yankee, single target hiding in the bottom.”

    A single click of the vox was the only acknowledgement he received as the brotherhood's sharpshooter moved to engage the allocated target with his modified autocannon from one of his myriad of sniper's nests within the compound. Delkiin waited for the characteristic boom of Bürged’s makeshift sniper rifle and lingered uncharacteristically long near the obversion slit when the world went dark in a explosion.

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