Hi all,

This is hopefully going to be my plog of what I'm working on. The last few years I've really struggled to maintain focus with my painting and whatnot so hopefully a broader plog will help me to keep on track as I can always flit between projects but still kinda feel like I'm getting somewhere.

So what's planned I hear you ask...Well for the last year or two out family have played a fair few games of HeroQuest and I am slowly chipping away at building my own set and board, just the way I like 'em. I rebased most of the minis onto 25mm round bases and I've designed a more compact HQ board with larger squares so there's more room and its easier to use big monsters; I'm also going to make a foldable board with magnetised doors to help keep them in place and stop them falling over...more on that at some point soon...

I've also pre-ordered some of the Oathmark Skeletons as I have been working on a European Bronze Age game for years (and years) so they'd be great for conversions and whatnot.

I've also been tempted back towards classic 1st Ed Necromunda, partly for the game itself and partly as a ruleset for playing more detailed 40k skirmishes more along the lines of 2nd Ed 40k but with a smaller model count...which is a bit easier for my limited head space to swallow.

There are always other little ideas bouncing about in my head but for now that's about it...well apart from...

Age of Heroes - The Living vs. The Dead
Many moons ago I used some Bday mulla to jump in on the Forgotten Worlds KS by Fireforge Games. I wasn’t really sure what I’d use the minis for, I just knew I liked ‘em.

Now, with another Bday approaching and no progress made (on pretty much any hobby project) I find myself tempted to finally do something with these guys. Trouble is though, I don’t have much hobby time or much head-space* so an army is definitely out of the question…

Earlier this year I created a fun little ruleset called Age of Heroes, aimed at small skirmish games; they are rules-lite yet have a range of upgrades that players can pull from to customise their warband. So, with what little hobby time I can muster it shouldn’t be too tricky to bash out a couple of warbands…fingers crossed…

The Plan
So, the basic plan is to build two forces one Living and the other Dead. I only have a little bit of terrain so I might build one or two new pieces…but best not get ahead of myself. Once my two forces are built and painted I’d like to actually have a game…hopefully…

The Warbands
In AoH each player gets a Hero and 4 Warriors as well as 5 upgrades to customise their warband.

I’ve got a good idea of what I want in my warbands; for the Dead I definitely wanted them to be Infected** as the idea of them turning their foes against them is too appealing (this used 2 upgrades for the whole warband). I’d also like a mix of minis so both the fabulous Living Dead Warriors and Peasants are in and while a LD Knight is tempting I think I’ll go with a dead dog instead (that’s the Beast upgrade). To get the two peasants I’m going to use a Runts upgrade while I’m going to give my Hero Regeneration to truly make him a thorn in the Living's side.

For the Living I really want a couple of archers to try and take the Dead out from long range so I’ll use a Runts upgrade again but this time I’ll give them both Sharpshooter to take their Shoot Roll back up to 4+. A Hero and some Warriors wielding swords and shields make up the rest of the warband; I want the Hero to stick around so he can have Tough to give him +1 Health and I like the idea of him wielding an ancestral blade so his attacks are Piercing.

What’s Next?
It’s taken me 3 days to finally sort out my forces…so the next step is to start this plog and build up the dozen minis or so I need…wish me luck…

* I’m Autistic so I get easily overloaded
** Hmm...I guess that means I might just have to make a Dead version of each of the Living minis...doh, thats another 6 minis then lol