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Thread: The Deliverance Of Palemoor - A Fox Of 9 7th Edition Narrative Battle Report

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    Game Turn 4/Game Turn 5

    Chaos Space Marine Turn 4:

    Chaos Lord Gal Berosus moves in pursuit of the Astra Militarum Command Squad.

    In the Shooting phase, the Ashen Prophets open fire on Michael Gabriel and Sword Bearer Terach, killing the Sword Bearer and inflicting an unsaved Wound on Michael Gabriel with their units Plasma Gun, threatening to kill the Angels of Vengeance Paladin. Luckily Gabriel makes his 6+ Feel No Pain roll.

    In the Assault Phase, Gal Berosus declares a charge at Captain Cynthia's Command Squad. Overwatch fails to inflict any Wounds on the Chaos Lord, and he declares a Challenge, Captain Cynthia accepts. In the Challenge, Gal Berosus kills the Astra Millitarum Commander, though only just, the Captain making all but the last of her three 5+ invulnerable saves. Having killed an enemy Character, Gal Berosus immediately rolls on the Chaos Boon Table, rolling the Blade of Chaos result; his Power Maul now has the Fleshbane special rule. His victory in the Challange also secures the Chaos Space Marines the Slay The Warlord Secondary Objective. Yet, the Chaos Lord suffers a Wound in retaliation for his victory from the surviving members of the Command Squad. However, at the end of the Fight sub-phase, the Command Squad fails their Morale Check, falling back 3" from the Chaos Lord.

    In the combat between one of Excubitor Squad Eyal's combat squads and the Thralls of the Void inside the temple, the Meltagun combat squad kills another five Cultists, suffering no losses of their own. The remaining Chaos Cultists then fail their Morale Check and are run down by the combat squad's Sweeping Advance. The combat squad then consolidates 1".

    Armies Of The Imperium Turn 4:

    Both Chevalier Squad Chanowk and the Astra Militarum Command Squad regroup, the former advancing towards the temple while the later continues to pull away from Gal Berosus.

    Elsewhere, both combat squads in the temple, as well as the Perditor Squad outside of it, close in on the Sorcerers, while Michael Gabriel moves to confront the Ashen Prophets.

    In the Shooting phase, the remains of the Command Squad opens fire on Gal Berosus, yet fails to land a shot. Following this, Karskin Squad Kahane adds their firepower to the task of taking down the Chaos Lord, killing him with Lasgun fire, gaining the Armies of the Imperium the Slay the Warlord Secondary Objective.

    Inside the temple, every model that can fires their weapons at the Sorcerers, killing two and wounding another. While every other unit that hasn't shot (apart from Micheal Gabriel) runs towards the temple.

    In the Assault phase, Michael Gabriel declares a charge at the Ashen Prophets. Overwatch fails to Wound him, and he makes the charge. Michael Gabriel then declares a Challenge, with Aspiring Champion Duzi accepting. In the Challenge, Michael Gabriel kills the Aspiring Champion and one other Chaos Space Marine. The Ashen Prophets fail to kill him in return. They pass their Morale Check.

    Ritual Status: 15 steps of the Ritual complete with 6 Cultist Sorcerers still alive (one with only one Wound remaining).
    Chaos Space Marines: 2 Victory Points - Armies Of The Imperium: 1 Victory Point

    The captain's scream heralded the monster's approach. None of the other men and women hunkered down amongst the rubble had sensed the giant's appearance – not even the captain's own command squad. Weber had been tending to Meyer's burns, the veteran's skin charred and cooked by the catastrophic malfunction of his own plasma gun. Becker himself had been celebrating – cheering as the heavy weapons of one of the Angels of Vengeance's squads reduced their Chaos Space Marine counterparts to smouldering ruins of armour and flesh – as the renegade emerged from the coiling smoke that cloaked the rear of the burnt-out Chimera they were using for cover. At their captain's scream, all their heads snapped in her direction, weapons raised and ready, the Cadian veterans' training kicking in before an average soldier would have had time to blink. That was when they saw him.
    Becker stared at the Word Bearer. It was the same Chaos Space Marine from earlier, or at least Becker had thought so, but the traitor looked different somehow – bigger, his flesh bulging from his armour in clammy rolls. Blood ran in thick rivulets down his deep crimson armour, the numerous parchments and inscriptions that adorned it now dyed a similar shade of red.
    Standing before the renegade, Captain Cynthia looked like a child, her family's relic power sword nothing more than a toy in comparison to the Chaos Space Marine's power fist and maul. Yet the Cadian commander did not falter, matching the monster's advance with a charge of her own, her sword raised in defiance.
    Before now, Becker had witnessed men empty whole clips into that monster, and seen it slaughter Space Marines with a single dismissive swing of his clawed hand. Now the Chaos Space Marine swung his might maul, only for Captain Cynthia to catch the heavy head of the weapon against her own blade in a shower of sparks. Becker cried out as the blow forced the captain to her knees, the strength of the impact too severe for her to remain standing. Even driven to her knees, his captain's sword did not falter, her guard as yet unbroken.
    Becker watched in awe at her defiance. His plasma gun forgotten in his hand, the Cadian stared wide-eyed as hope welled within his breast. The second hammer blow of the renegade's power maul ended all that, however, killing it dead the same moment it knocked the human women onto her back, the sword flung aside, her sword-arm ruined beyond recognition. She screamed again. This time fraught with agony and desperation.
    Curses sprang forth from Captain Cynthia's lips, hurled with abandon upon her foe even as he raised his maul for the third time. Becker and his fellow soldier were already firing before the Chaos Space Marine could swing, bolts of plasma bursting against his corrupted force field and las-blasts scarring his baroque Terminator armour. Becker saw the renegade falter slightly, a fresh scour cut into the monster's flesh, but it wasn't enough. The power maul swung downwards, the weapon's power field colliding with the captain's refractor field in an unholy amalgamation of distorted energies.
    The bright flash released from the impact blinded Becker and the soldiers around him momentarily. By the time their vision returned, the monster was already swinging his maul once more. They looked on in horror. Captain Cynthia's refractor field was all but spent, she could barely lift her back off the ground, her laspistol aimed shakily up at her killer. There was nothing any of them could do. Becker grit his teeth, reaffirming his resolve to commit his captain's last moments to memory.
    “Fight-” she began to say. She got no further, the power maul reducing everything above her midriff to a fine mist of blood, bone and armour fragments.
    Becker cried out. The men and women around him cried out. Not out of fear, but hatred. The Chaos Space Marine stepped forward. None of the surviving Imperial soldiers took even one step back. Instead, they stood resolute and unflinching. Determined to fight and die where they stood, a prayer to The Emperor on their lips, their weapons blazing until the last. Each single-minded in their devotion to bring the renegade down or die trying.

    Chaos Space Marine Turn 5:

    By this point, there is really only one Chaos Space Marine unit left on the table: the Ashen Prophets, who are locked in combat with Michael Gabriel. With the game looking like it will end in a Sudden Death Victory, I and my partner decide to continue playing to see if the Cultist Sorcerers can complete their ritual and whether the Ashen Prophets can manage to remove Michael Gabriel's final remaining Wound before he kills them all.

    During the Chaos Space Marine's Psychic Phase, the Cultist Sorcerers complete their ritual, sacrificing their lives to summon a Great Unclean One.

    In the Assault Phase, Gabriel kills another two Chaos Space Marines of the Ashen Prophets. They fail to Wound him. They pass their Morale Check.

    Armies Of The Imperium Turn 5:

    Every single remaining unit in and around the Imperial temple moves to bring their weapons to bear upon the Great Unclean One.

    In the Shooting phase, every model that can draw a line of sight to the Great Unclean One fires at it. In total: 11 Boltgun shots, 1 Bolt Pistol shot, 3 Heavy Bolter shots, 2 Meltagun shots, 9 Plasma Repeater shots, 8 Plasma Burner shots, 5 Plasma Incinerator shots, and Three Lascannon shots. All of this firepower only just about managing to kill it with the last Lascannon shot, awarding the Imperial Forces five Victory Points.

    In the Assault Phase, Gabriel kills another member of the Ashen Prophets, they fail to kill him. They fail their Morale Check and are caught in Gabriel's Sweeping Advance. Leaving the Word Bearers with roughly two models still on the table (though both are Falling Back and have been since Turn 1 or 2).

    Ritual Status: Ritual Complete.
    Chaos Space Marines: 5 Victory Points - Armies Of The Imperium: 6 Victory Points

    Minor Victory to the Armies Of The Imperium!

    Gabriel planted his sword forcefully into the rubble of the temple, his shoulders heaving as he gasped for air. Each laboured breath made the heavy ribbing and plates of his armour clunk together. Around him, countless Chaos Space Marines lay in pieces, a carpet of eviscerated flesh and shattered crimson plasteel.
    Gabriel's assault on the ruined temple hadn't been an easy one, and his relic power armour bore the scars of a dozen different weapons. He'd been lucky, his breastplate taking a bolt of superheated matter akin to a solar flare, the immense energy of the blast melting straight through the armour's ablative layer yet leaving the armour underneath unscathed. Others hadn't been as fortunate. Both his Sword Bearers lay amongst the dead littering the temple's floor; Brother-Champion Lavi brought low amongst the bloody melee; surrounded, beaten down and beheaded through the combined efforts of half-a-dozen traitors. And Brother-Champion Terach who sacrificed his life to preserve Gabriel's own, barging the Paladin out the way of a barrage of plasma shots that burnt through the Sword Bearer's artificer armour and reducing the majority of his internal organs to ash.
    Gabriel solemnly uttered a quiet benediction in their memory. They had performed their duty and allowed him to perform his: holding the enemy in place long enough for the rest of his strike force to banish the Greater Daemon unmolested. Without their sacrifice, it was almost certain the Angels of Vengeance's forces would have been unable to prevent the utter annihilation of all loyal Imperial inhabitants upon the surface of the planet.
    Behind him, Gabriel heard the sound of footsteps, too cautious and light-footed to be Space Marines. He turned, and was greeted by no more than two-dozen Cadian Shock Troops; Veterans or Grenadiers by the looks of their armour and unit markings. At the forefront of them stood two of their number, one supporting another heavily wounded soldier – their leader Gabriel assumed. His armour was scalded by plasma fire, the skin of his face badly burnt, and one of his arms ending abruptly in a charred stump just above the elbow.
    “Are you the commander of this detachment?” Gabriel asked, sparing a curt glance across the men and women arrayed before him.
    “N-No, my lord,” the uninjured soldier replied, his words half-muffled and his voice hoarse. “The commander of the 72nd was Captain Cynthia Silveline. S-She... she was... killed... by the traitor's own commander not long before you and your warriors routed what was left of them, my lord.”
    “Who does command fall to in the wake of her demise?”
    “I-I'm... unsure, my lord. There were only a few dozen of us left in the regiment after the fall of the spaceport. It left us operating without a well-defined chain of command. I imagine one of the surviving veteran sergeants holds seniority now, by virtue of their rank.” A pause. “Shall I fetch one for you, my lord?”
    Gabriel shook his head. “That will be unnecessary."
    "I understand, my lord."
    "Honour your dead and tend to your wounded," Gabriel instructed. "I and my men do not plan to hold and fortify this position. Once we have seen to our own dead and wounded we will advance into Ekeresia with the intent to link up with the Imperial counter-attack. I extend an offering to you to accompany us. We cannot directly offer you our protection, nor would I expect you to ask for it, but I believe it would be the most logical tactical decision for us to proceed as one force. Do you hold any objections?"
    “No, my lord. Not at all, my lord.” the injured soldier replied, interrupting, snapping his back ram-rod straight and staring unflinchingly at Gabriel with his one good eye.
    Beneath his helmet, Gabriel smiled.
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