Hey guys,

Iím a long-lapsed player and full-time 40k spectator thatís actually going to try and play a game this edition, and Iíve put together a Minotaurs list that Iíd love your input on. Here goes, explanation after the jump:

Minotaurs Army List v1
Successor Chapter Tactic: Inheritors of the Primarch - Blood Angels*

Asterion Moloc, Warlord.

Primaris Chaplain Orpheus.
Absolver bolt pistol, crozius. Litany of hate, canticle of hate. Relic - the honour vehement.

Intercessor Squad (5).
5x Stalker Bolt Rifle, 1x grenade launcher

Intercessor Squad (5).
5x Stalker Bolt Rifle, 1x grenade launcher

Infiltrator Squad (6)
6x Marksman bolt carbine, Helix gauntlet.

Relic Terminator Squad (7).
7x dual lightning claws, 1x grenade harness, teleport.
Led by Moloc.

Bladeguard Veteran Squad (5).
5x MC power sword, HBP, storm shield.
Impulsor DT w/shield dome.
Led by Orpheus

Hekaton Aiakos, Contemptor Dreadnought

Primaris Chief Apothecary Aeolus

Eradicator Squad (5).
5x melta rifle.
Led by Aeolus.

Eliminator Squad (3).
1x bolt sniper rifle, 2x las fusil

Inceptor Squad (6).
6 x dual plasma exterminator

1997 TOTAL

So. Iím going all Primaris and wonít use oldmarines as the models just look ridiculous now (sorry old dudes). Main threats are obviously the Termies led by Moloc (I went Relic just because I way prefer the models, especially for Minotaurs), getting re-rollable +1 to charge rolls (+2 if I can have the chaplain nearby), and 5 attacks each on the charge I think? 6 if the assault doctrine is active?

Bladeguard Vets led by the Chaplain in an Impulsor is the other. Infiltrators for a bit of early board control/area denial/objective grabbing, Plasma Inceptors to hose GEQ/MEQ/light vehicles, same for Hekaton.

My only concern is how light I am on anti-tank, with the Eradicators (bolstered by the Chief Apothecary) and the las fusils on the Eliminators being it. Do you think this enough?

Thanks all!