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Thread: The Deliverance Of Palemoor - A Fox Of 9 7th Edition Narrative Battle Report

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    The Deliverance Of Palemoor - A Fox Of 9 7th Edition Narrative Battle Report


    Due to the whole situation revolving around Covid, I have spent an inordinate amount of time stuck in my flat with not a whole lot to do. At the start of the year, I devoted that free-time to creative writing, yet as the pandemic continued to evolve and increase in severity, my motivation and overall mental well-being waned somewhat. Eventually, this led me back to the one hobby I can never truly quit: Warhammer 40,000. So, for the last few months, I have been working on my old Angels Of Vengeance Codex as well as my Dark Mechanicum Codex while my partner has been deciding on what new army to get herself. This led to us playing rather a few games as we both playtested rules and proxied armies for her to get a feel for which one she wanted to commit to. Of those, I made notes for a fair few of them, just in case I wanted to use them as an excuse to do some creative writing again (which, with the new year, is exactly what I am doing).

    Also, as the thread title states, this is a 7th Edition battle report. This is due to the group I used to play with (when leaving your house/flat/apartment/bungalow was still a thing people could do) never really enjoying the core changes made from 7th to 8th. It just didn't feel like 40K to us anymore. And to clarify: apart from the unique mission and my Angels Of Vengeance units, we are using no additional house rules or modifications to the core 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 rules whatsoever. Though I'm sure there will be some rules mistakes here and there (it was the first game we'd both played in almost eight months or so).

    With that out the way, I do hope you enjoy the battle report and the narrative sections intertwined here. I imagine I might do more across the coming months, depending on how things go here in the UK. This game was the first and probably one of the more one-sided ones, though, to say anything more would be entering spoiler territory!


    The Carmine Axes Chapter of the Word Bearer's Traitor Legion have descended on Palemoor intent on conducting a blasphemous ritual to usher in an invasion of the planet by the servants of their Dark Gods. Only a small contingent of Astra Millitarum and a strike force deployed by the Angels of Vengeance Space Marine Chapter stand between the heretics and their goals. The Imperial forces must stop the ritual at all costs, or banish whatever foul daemons it spawns should the ritual be completed.


    Chaos Space Marines

    The Carmine Axe Chapter Of The Word Bearers Legion

    Chaos Lord Gal Berosus
    Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour, Power Maul, Power Fist, Sigil of Corruption, Gift of Mutation, and Veterans of the Long War special rule.

    Dark Apostle Sor Gaga
    Dark Apostle with Plasma Pistol, Gift of Mutation, and Veterans of the Long War special rule.

    The Ashen Prophets
    10x Chaos Space Marines, 2x Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War special rule, Aspiring Champion Duzi with Power Axe and Gift of Mutation.

    The Crimson Oracles
    10x Chaos Space Marines, 2x Plasma Guns, Veterans of the Long War special rule, Aspiring Champion Etana with Power Axe and Gift of Mutation.

    The Thralls Of The Void
    30x Chaos Cultists.

    The Blasphemous Choir
    30x Chaos Cultists.

    The Brazen Heralds
    5x Chaos Terminators, 2x Power Axes, 1x Power Fist, 1x Chainfist, 3x Combi-Plasmas, 1x Reaper Autocannon, Veterans of the Long War special rule, Terminator Champion Buvalu with Power Axe, Combi-Plasma and Gift of Mutation.

    The Hellforged Brotherhood
    5x Possessed, Icon of Vengeance, Possessed Champion Bel with 2x Gifts of Mutation.

    The Mortis Brethren
    5x Havocs, 4x Autocannons, Veterans of the Long War special rule, Aspiring Champion Namtar with Gift of Mutation.

    The Iron Pyre
    5x Havocs, 4x Autocannons, Veterans of the Long War special rule, Aspiring Champion Ramman with Gift of Mutation.

    The Beast of Paramar V
    Deflier with Havoc Launcher and Twin-linked Lascannon.

    Armies Of The Imperium

    The 72nd Cadian Mechanised Infantry

    Command Squad Silveline
    Company Command Squad, Vox Caster, 3x Plasma Guns, Carapace Armour, Chimera, Captain Cynthia with The Blade of Conquest, Carapace Armour and Krak Grenades.

    Karskin Squad Ilan
    10x Veterans, Vox Caster, 3x Plasma Guns, Grenadiers, Chimera with Heavy Flamer.

    Karskin Squad Kahane
    10x Veterans, Vox Caster, 3x Meltaguns, Grenadiers, Chimera with Heavy Flamer.

    The Emperor's Annihilators
    3x Armoured Sentinels, 3x Lascannon.

    Strike Force Gabriel

    Order Paladin Michael Gabriel
    Michael Gabriel with Sword Bearers Terach and Lavi

    Chevalier Squad Chanowk
    10x Chevaliers, 1x Grav-gun, 1x Heavy Bolter with Molecular Acid Shells, Drop Pod, Veteran Sergeant Chanowk.

    Excubitor Squad Eyal
    10x Excubitors, 3x Plasma Repeaters, 2x Meltaguns, Drop Pod, Excubitor Praefectus Eyal.

    Perditor Squad Affra
    5x Perditors, 4x Plasma Burners, Drop Pod, Perditor Praefectus Affra with Plasma Incinerator


    The 6' by 4' table is set up into two distinct environments; the Imperial temple and its surrounding grounds, and the ruined city-scape beyond that with a road that cuts diagonally through the board from the short table edge furthest away from the temple to the opposite corner. The temple itself is formed of an 'L' she[ed Shrine of the Aquilla terrain piece that sits perpendicular to one of the long table edges and a Battle Sanctum terrain piece placed about 6" away from the Shrine of the Aquilla towards the middle line of the table. Just beyond the temple exist numerous craters, woods and Sector Imperialis Ruins terrain pieces. Beyond that, in the opposite corner of the board to the Imperial temple stands a Manufactorum Sub-cloister and Storage Fane terrain pieces, while closer to the temple, on the opposite side of the road, resides a Manufactorum Sanctum Administratus terrain piece.

    As this was a narrative mission we designed specifically for this game, both the Imperial temple, Manufactorum Sanctum Administratus, and anywhere on the table within 6" of either of them was designated as the Chaos Space Marines' Deployment Zone. In contrast, anywhere that was over 24" away from any Chaos Space Marine units was designated as the Armies Of The Imperium's Deployment Zone.


    The Chaos Space Marine's Player has the first turn. Their Opponent cannot attempt to Seize The Initiative.


    The mission uses Variable Game Length.


    At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most Victory Points is the winner. If both players have the same number of Victory Points, the game is a draw.

    Primary Objective

    At the end of the game, depending on which of the following criteria have been fulfilled, the corresponding army's Player receives the stated number of Victory Points:

    • The Ritual has been completed - 3 Victory Points (Chaos Space Marines)
    • The Ritual has not been completed - 3 Victory Points (Armies Of The Imperium)
    • The Greater Daemon summoned by the Ritual has been removed as a casualty - D3+3 Victory Points (Armies Of The Imperium)

    The Ritual

    At the start of each of the Chaos Space Marine's Psychic Phases, their controlling Player will roll a D6 for each surviving Cultist Sorcerer (the Chaos Space Marine's Player initially starts off with eight Cultist Sorcerers). For each roll of a 4+, a step of the Dark Apostle's ritual has been complete; the Chaos Space Marine Player needs seventeen steps to be complete before the Ritual itself to complete. Immediately upon the Ritual's completion, any and all remaining Cultist Sorcerers are immediately removed as casualties and are replaced by a single Greater Daemon of Chaos as if the Cultist Sorcerers were a unit with the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule that had just successfully manifested the Possession Psychic Power.

    Cultist Sorcerers

    Each Cultist Sorcerer has the following Profile:

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Unit Composition
    Sorcerer 2 2 3 3 2 3 1 8 - Infantry (Character) 1 Cultist Sorcerer

    • Close combat weapon

    Cult Sorcerer: Cultist Sorcerers have a 5+ invulnerable save and the Fearless special rule.

    Icon of Devotion: If a Wound is allocated to a Cultist Sorcerer and there is a friendly unit of Chaos Cultists within 6", he is allowed a Look Out, Sir attempt.

    Master of the Ritual: Cultists Sorcerers may be selected as the target of a shooting attack in the Shooting phase, and in the Assault phase, an engaged Chaos Sorcerer model may fight back in close combat, but otherwise, the model itself cannot be moved and plays no part in the game.

    Secondary Objectives

    Slay the Warlord, First Blood




    Chaos Lord Gal Berosus: Lord of Terror
    Captain Cynthia Silveline: Implacable Determination


    Chaos Lord Gal Berosus: Warp Claws
    Dark Apostle Sor Gaga: Cerebral Cogitator
    Aspiring Champion Duzi: Multiple Boons - Temporal Distortion, Meteoric Charge, Bloated
    Aspiring Champion Etana: Unworthy Offering
    Terminator Champion Buvalu: Unworthy Offering
    Possessed Champion Bel: Unholy Crusader, All Consuming Hatred
    Aspiring Champion Namtar: Masochism
    Aspiring Champion Ramman: Unworthy Offering

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    Deployment/Game Turn 1

    Chaos Space Marine Deployment

    Dark Apostle Sor Gaga is deployed with the Hellforged Brotherhood inside the Imperial temple, behind the cover of the Battle Sanctum's walls. To the right of them, the Thralls of the Void Cultists are positioned in front of the Cultist Sorcerers, while the other Chaos Cultist unit deploys forward and to the left of the Dark Apostle, next to a crater behind some Sector Imperialis Ruins. The Mortis Brethren are situated within the Manufactorum Sanctum Administratus ruin, their counterparts in the Iron Pyre deployed close to the opposite long table edge, just in front of the Shrine of the Aquilla's doorway. Just forward and to the left of the Iron Pyre sits The Beast Of Paramar V, and to the left of the Defiler, both the Crimson Oracles and Ashen Prophets are deployed in two distinct five-by-two blocks, settling into cover in front of the Imperial temple. Lastly, Chaos Lord Gal Berosus is held in Reserve with the Brazen Heralds.

    Armies Of The Imperium Deployment

    The Astra Militarum forces mainly deploy in a column along the road; Captain Cynthia and her Command Squad's Chimera positioned between the two Chimeras of her Grenadier Veterans, the foremost unit no closer than 24" to the Chaos Space Marine battleline. The Emperor's Annihilators, however, do not deploy with the rest of the Astra Militarum forces, instead, taking up position behind one of the Sub-cloister and Storage Fane terrain pieces to the left of the armoured column, directly opposite the Iron Pyre and The Beast of Paramar V. The entirety of the Angels Of Vengeance's forces are held in Reserve in their Drop Pods, with Michael Gabriel and his Sword Bearers accompanying Perditor Squad Affra. In addition, Excubitor Squad Eyal will deploy as two combat squads, with Excubitor Praefectus Eyal and the two Meltaguns in one combat squad, and the three Plasma Repeaters in the other.

    It was late morning on Palemoor, but the sky was shrouded in darkness. Ekeresia burned, smoke rising in great pillars from all across the once-great capital city. Where just weeks ago grand ornamental gardens and sweeping marble squares had stood, now only a blasted wasteland of blood and mud remained. Even here, in the Golgen Heights, far removed from the supposed front-line of the battle, Captain Cynthia Silveline could still smell the stench of burnt flesh and decaying bodies. Off in the distance, she could hear the din of war, the hiss of lasguns and whine of artillery shells, as distorted as they were by distance and the revving of her command vehicle's engines.
    General Corlane's counter-attack, she assumed. The Heretic forces had been pushing them hard, harder than even the most pessimistic combat reports had deemed possible. The initial confusion of the uprising compounded by the decimation of Imperial High Command during the loss of Rammas spaceport had forced them to cede more and more ground. This counter-attack was supposed to overturn that status-quo.
    Cynthia should've been there. Yet she wasn't. She was at least a dozen miles from where she was meant to be; abandoning her duty and the majority of the men and women under her command in favour of a personal vendetta. Then again, none of the surviving command staff, not even General Corlane had been there when they'd attacked. Butchering their way through line after line of Imperial forces, slaughtering inexperienced Whiteshields and battle-hardened veterans alike with contemptuous ease. Cynthia and her Veterans had been there, desperately holding the line, hoping for reinforcements right up until the moment the Heretic Astartes' leader shattered General Voss into a dozen bloody fragments.
    She still wasn't sure just how they'd managed to fall back from the Traitor's assault; her memories of the fighting retreat that followed a scrambled, disorganised mess of hectic firefights and bloody ambushes. Cynthia had heard mutterings from other units that the enemy had let them, leaving them alive for some darker purpose. She'd gotten into more than one scuffle over those rumours. As had her men. They were all on edge, believing themselves half-mad. No one else had seen the Heretic's – none that had lived to tell the tale at least – nor had there been reports of them from any of the planet's other battlefields. That was, until last night.
    The pict-capture had been heavily distorted, the image had been taken hurriedly and from a great distance. Still, Cynthia had recognised them instantly. She'd petitioned General Corlane directly, beseeching him to send a company on rapid deployment to investigate. He'd shot her down almost immediately, stating the greater tactical significance of the counter-attack that would allow them to solidify their defensive positions along the Black River.
    No matter, she thought, her hand grasping the hilt of her family's ancestral power sword; she and her men would see them eradicated from the face of the Palemoor, shattering whatever foul and tainted ritual or scheme they wished to set in motion. With or without High Command's blessing.

    Sor Gaga smiled. All around the Dark Apostle cultists and acolytes made busy desecrating the ruins of the Imperial temple, defiling the few remaining images of the Imperium's corpse-god and his so-called saints with tainted symbols and icons of the universe's true gods. In the centre of all this activity, eight Sorcerers sat knelt in prayer, each member of the sect positioned carefully around an eight-pointed star of Chaos daubed on the temple's floor in blood. Soon they would begin their ritual and deliver this world into the embrace of the Dark Gods.
    Off to the side of the ritual processions, stood the near two-dozen warriors of The Ashen Prophets and The Crimson Oracles: two Assault Coteries under the command of Gal Berosus, Lord of the Carmine Axe Chapter. Gal Berosus had seconded them to the Dark Apostle for the duration of his pilgrimage upon the planet's surface. Ostensibly reinforcements, Sor Gaga knew that they were also there to keep a watchful eye upon him, ensuring none of his machinations adversely interfered with the Carmine Axe Chapter's campaign in this sector.
    “Dark Apostle,” a voice rasped in Sor Gaga's internal vox: Aspiring Champion Namtar of the Mortis Brethren Havoc Squad, another of Gal Berosus's men.
    “Problems, Aspiring Champion?”
    “Imperial convoy: Cadians by the looks of it. They've just passed marker two-one.”
    A flicker of irritation passed through the Dark Apostle's features. He hadn't expected any interference. Especially not now, with Imperial forces occupied with their counter-attack along the full-length of the Black River far off to the South.
    “Force disposition?” Sor Gaga questioned, intrigued.
    “Three Chimeras and an Armoured Sentinel squadron: Armageddon Pattern.”
    “Not what I'd expect from a reconnaissance force.”
    “They could be stragglers trying to regroup with their forces in the city, Dark Apostle. Possibly even deserters?”
    “Perhaps,” Sor Gaga mused. “It doesn't matter. Either way, we cannot risk them disturbing the ritual.”
    “Your orders, then, Dark Apostle?”
    “Hold fire until they cross marker two-three. That will give us time for the other squads of your Chapter to get in position.”
    “Understood,” came the reply, and with that, the line went silent.
    Triggering the vox unit within his helmet once more, Sor Gaga established a direct link to the rest of the Host. “Warriors of the Carmine Axe, contact has been made with an enemy mechanised force. Marker two-one. All units converge on the South-East side of the temple and form a line of defence. Engage only once the Mortis Brethren initiate contact. Not before!”
    He heard clicks of acknowledgement from Aspiring Champions Duzi, Etana and Namtar, and he began to smile once more, hoisting his great power maul and rejoining his own squad. No one would interrupt what he was to do upon this world, that he promised to the Dark Gods.

    “Do we have a coordinate lock on the Word Bearer forces?” Asked a voice, soft of tone and barely above a whisper.
    “We do, my lord. Some dozen miles North-West of the Imperial lines along the Black River.”
    “Good,” the voice replied, gaining a predatory edge to its words. “Then they will soon feel our wrath.”

    Chaos Space Marine Turn 1:

    Of the Chaos Space Marine army, only the Defiler moves, position itself to get a better shot on the lead Chimera.

    In the Shooting phase, the Mortis Brethren, Iron Pyre and The Beast of Paramar V target the head of the Astra Militarum's armoured column, first inflicting a Crew Stunned result, then an Immobilised result before finally removing the vehicle's last Hull Point and wrecking it, securing First Blood for the Chaos Space Marines. Kasrkin Squad Ilan is then forced to disembark, successfully making their Pinning Test in the process.

    Armies Of The Imperium Turn 1:

    Two Angels Of Vengeance Drop Pods arrive via Drop Pod Assault. The first, Carrying Excubitor Squad Eyal's two combat squads, Deep Strikes behind The Beast of Paramar V, into the position vacated by the Defiler in the Chaos Space Marine's first turn, the Drop Pod's Scatter dice having rolled a Hit! result. The Plasma Repeater combat squad disembarks towards the Iron Pyre, whole the other disembarking directly in The Beast of Paramar V's rear arc. The Second Drop Pod, carrying Perditor Squad Affra, Michael Gabriel, and his two Sword Bearers, Deep Strikes onto the road behind and in between the Mortis Brethren and the Blasphemous Choir. Both Micheal Gabriel and the Perditor squad disembark as a single unit, moving in the direction of the Blasphemous Choir as well as Dark Apostle Sor Gaga and the Hellforged Brotherhood.

    Kasrkin Squad Ilan move 6" forward past the wreck of their Chimera, taking up position behind a piece of Sector Imperialis Ruins, while off to their left, the Sentinels of The Emperor's Annihilators round the cover they were behind, lining up their Lascannons on the enemy Defiler. The Remainder of the Astra Militarum armoured column moves 6" along the road.

    On the right-hand side of the Chaos Space Marine's defensive line, the Meltagun combat squad section of Excubitor Squad Eyal opens fire at near point-blank range into the rear armour of The Beast of Paramar V. Both shots hit, the first penetrating its armour and inflicting a Crew Stunned result, the second shot also manages to land a penetrating hit, this time rolling high enough to generate an Explodes! result, destroying the Defiler. The other combat squad's shooting leaving four Havocs of the Iron Pyre dead, and Aspiring Champion Ramman falling back into the Imperial temple.

    At the other end of the Chaos Space Marine's defensive line, a series of poor rolls for Perditor Squad Affra's shooting leaves only five Cultists of the Blasphemous Choir dead.

    Elsewhere, long-range shooting from the Astra Militarum closes out the phase by seeing two Chaos Space Marines of the Crimson Oracles dead, felled by the Command Squad's Plasma guns.

    Ritual Status: 3 steps of the Ritual complete with 8 Cultist Sorcerers still alive.
    Chaos Space Marines: 1 Victory Point - Armies Of The Imperium: 0 Victory Points

    Sor Gaga cursed. Things were not proceeding as he had foreseen. The initial engagement had been executed to near perfection, the combined firepower of both of Lord Gal Berosus's Havoc Squads and the Defiler swiftly destroying the lead transport almost as soon as it crossed marker two-three. Yet, since then, everything had gone against them.
    Out of nowhere, with little to no warning, two jet-black Drop Pods had plummeted into the battlefield, burying themselves in the Word Bearer's backline. Their arrival heralded by an explosion that tore through the west end of the temple. Vox reports from the Aspiring Champions of both the Ashen Prophets and Crimson Oracles swiftly followed, relaying the destruction of the Warband's Defiler, The Beast Of Paramar V. To make things worse, Sor Gaga had been unable to contact Aspiring Champion Ramman or the rest the Iron Pyre's Havocs. At least the remainder of his forces was weathering the sudden, unexpected drop assault better than those of the right flank.
    The Cultists of the Blasphemous Choir had even managed a performance beyond his expectations, losing only a few of their number to the opening salvo of the enemy's heavy weapons, and now they were poised to throw themselves upon their Space Marine foes, hoping to overwhelm them with the Cultists superior numbers. The Dark Apostle wasn't sure of their chances. He didn't expect them to succeed, but hopefully, they could delay their foe long enough for his ritual to reach completion. He snarled; even that was taking longer than expected.
    Sor Gaga triggered the vox unit within his helmet, establishing a direct link to the rest of the Chapter's remaining Aspiring Champions as he carefully studied the flow of the battle. “Ashen Prophets, Crimson Oracles, pull back from your positions. It's too exposed out there! I can't risk having you pinned down there if any more uninvited guests show up. Aspiring Champion Etana, you're to keep to the east side of the temple, provide the Cultists with your support, but keep at a distance. Duzi, you and your men are to regroup and form up with my squad. Our combined might in conjunction with the Thralls of the Void's weight of bodies should force the enemies to the west to think twice before pushing into the confines of the temple.”
    Once more he heard a series of acknowledgements could across the link, and he began to turn back to his squad when he heard the voice of the Chaos Lord through a private channel.
    “You were discovered?” came Gal Berosus's purr. The Dark Apostle snarled.
    “An unexpected setback, my lord. A minor hindrance, nothing more. This world will be delivered to the Dark Gods' embrace by my hand, I assure you.”
    “Is that so?” came the reply. “I don't doubt your abilities, Dark Apostle, but we can't risk a disruption of our plans. I and my Brazen Heralds will be arriving momentarily. See that you are not overrun in the mere moments it takes us to broach the tides of the Immaterium.”

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    Game Turn 2/Game Turn 3

    Chaos Space Marine Turn 2:

    Chaos Lord Gal Berosus, accompanied by Terminator Champion Buvalu and the rest of the Brazen Heralds arrive from Reserve, Deep Striking in front of Captain Cynthia and her Command Squad's Chimera, placing themselves between the bulk of the Atra Militarum forces and the Angels Of Vengeance Perditors.

    Both the Blasphemous Choir and the Crimson Oracles pull back from the Chaos Warband's original line of defence, the Chaos Cultists advancing directly towards, Michael Gabriel, his Sword Bearers, and Perditor Squad Affra. In comparison, the bloodied unit of Chaos Space Marines loops back into the shadow of the temple, placing themselves ready to intercept any enemy advance from the west. While, back towards the centre of the defensive line, the Ashen Prophets also move 6", falling back and linking up with the Thralls of the Void as they interplace themselves between the other enemy Drop Pod and the Cultist Sorcerers. Lastly, Sor Gaga and the Hellforged Brotherhood shift their position closer to the Crimson Oracles, reinforcing the chokepoint against any upcoming Angels Of Vengeance assault.

    In the Shooting phase, the combined firepower of the Brazen Heralds and the Mortis Brethren manages to first immobilize, then wreck, the Astra Militarum Command Squad's Chimera, forcing Captain Cynthia and her unit to disembark, who then succeed in passing their Pinning test. The remainder of the Chaos Space Marines' Shooting phase then only manages to inflict a single unsaved Wound on Micheal Gabriel.

    Following the rather poor Chaos Space Marine Shooting phase, the Blasphemous Choir declare and successfully complete their charge against Michael Gabriel and Perditor Squad Affra, losing five Chaos Cultists to the Perditor's Overwatch fire. The Cultist Champion issues a Challenge, which Michael Gabriel then accepts.

    In the Challenge, Michael Gabriel almost instantly decapitated the nameless Cultist Champion before he has a chance to strike, killing another two nearby Cultists with the same sword stroke. Outside of the Challenge, the Sword Bearers and Perditors ruthlessly hack apart the Chaos Cultists, killing another six before they even get to attack. The remaining twelve Cultists strike back thirty-six times, inflicting seven wounds, all of which are them promptly saved by the Space Marines' armour saves. At the end of the combat, the Blasphemous Choir fails their Morale Check and falls back from combat, with all bar one of the remaining Chaos Cultists being gunned down in the process by the Perditors' Scour Them From Sight attack.

    Armies Of The Imperium Turn 2:

    The last of the Angels Of Vengeance Drop Pods arrives, Chevalier Squad Chanowk scattering far from their intended drop zone and ending up almost amongst the Astra Militarum's lines. After disembarking from their Drop Pod, they advance towards the Chaos Lord and his Chaos Terminators, closing the distance enough to allow them to be in Rapid Fire range.

    Captain Cynthia and her Command Squad, having been forced to disembark in the Chaos Space Marine's turn, retreat slightly, falling back off the road, ensuring to keep the Chaos Lord and Terminators in Rapid Fire range. Following this, Kasrkin Squad Kahane, embarked in the Astra Militarum's only remaining Chimera, advance around the wreck of the Command Squad's Chimera, disembarking soon after and taking up a firing position on the opposite side of the road to Captain Cynthia, her Command Squad, and Chevalier Squad Chanowk. Meanwhile, the Armoured Sentinels of The Emperor's Annihilators continue their march up the board, their progress slowed by the difficult terrain.

    Outside the temple, Michael Gabriel and his two Sword Bearers detach themselves from Perditor Squad Affra, stalking forwards, ready to charge into the interior of the temple. The Perditors, on the other hand, shuffle sideways slightly, setting up an unobstructed line of sight on the Crimson Oracles.

    At the other end of the Imperial temple, both of Excubitor Squad Eyal's combat squads pass through the Shrine of the Aquilla's doorway, gaining line of sight on the Thralls of the Void, Crimson Prophets, and the Ritual itself.

    The Shooting phase starts with Captain Cynthia successfully issuing the 'First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!' Order at Karskin Squad Kahane, and the 'Take Aim!' Order at her own Command Squad. The combined firepower of both these squads only manages to fell a single Chaos Terminator, even with the Command Squad's Plasma Guns managing to land three Precision Shots. Following this, Chevalier Squad Chanowk and Kasrkin Squad Ilan let loose with their weapons, killing three Chaos Terminators and leaving only Gal Berosus and the Chaos Terminator equipped with the Reaper Autocannon alive.

    Over by the temple, shooting from Perditor Squad Affra kills another two members of the Crimson Oracles. The Chaos Space Marines pass their Morale Check.

    In the Imperial Assault phase, Micheal Gabriel and his Sword Bearers declare a charge against the Hellforged Brotherhood and Dark Apostle Sor Gaga; they only just manage to roll the required distance needed. Gabriel himself issues a Challenge and is met not by the Dark Apostle, but the Possessed Champion instead. Unfortunately for the Possessed, their roll for their Vessels of Chaos special rule is of little help to them, their now AP3 melee attacks still unable to ignore Gabriel or his Sword Bearers' 2+ Armour save.

    In the Challenge, Michael Gabriel hits and then Wounds with all five of his attacks, the Possessed Champion fails his 5+ invulnerable save and is killed, the four excess Wounds being allocated to the nearby Possessed, who then also all fail their 5+ invulnerable saves, killing them all. Outside the Challenge, Sor Gaga attacks before the Angels Of Vengeance's Sword Bearers, but fails to Wound them with his AP4 Power Maul; in return, the Sword Bearers cut him down with ease. They then Consolidate towards the Crimson Oracles.

    Ritual Status: 6 steps of the Ritual complete with 8 Cultist Sorcerers still alive.
    Chaos Space Marines: 1 Victory Point - Armies Of The Imperium: 0 Victory Points

    Michael Gabriel strode up the rubble, his Sword Bearers at his side, their bolt pistols raised and firing. Up ahead, atop the rubble mound, the Dark Apostle and his retinue could be seen, their pace quickening to meet the Angels of Vengeance's charge. Once, the enemies before Gabriel had been Space Marines: gifted transhuman strength and endurance through technology developed, in part, by The Emperor Himself. Now, however, they were monstrous debasements of that divine form; grotesque and mutated, their bodies warped by foul creatures of the Warp that they had allowed to infest their very being.
    Gabriel grit his teeth, indignant at the blasphemies arranged before him, bestial wrath and righteous fury burned within his hearts. He would see them and the Dark Apostle slain here, by his hand if possible, no matter the cost.
    A plasma blast seared between Gabriel and Champion Terach, clipping the Sword Bearer's pauldron and searing a molten gorge through the black plasteel/ceramite alloy of his armour. With that, Gabriel thrust the tip of his sword forwards, toward the Dark Apostle, and roared. It was a wordless challenge, and one the Chaos Space Marine ignored. Instead, one of the Possessed, possibly a Champion of their own, leapt at him.
    Gabriel grunted, hefting his blade ready for an overhead strike as the distance continued to close. Five paces. Three paces. One. The Word Bearer lunged at him, seemingly intending to decapitate Gabriel with his claw-like right-arm. It was a simple, straightforward, and foolish strike. One that Gabriel made him pay dearly for, his blade cleaving through the Possessed Champion's breastplate, splitting him from his left should to his right hip.
    Gabriel had just enough time to appreciate the simple perfection of the strike before a second Chaos Space Marine was upon him. Another Possessed, this one's arms ending in a writhing mass of tentacles. The Chaos Space Marine went low, aiming to take Gabriel's legs from beneath him. Gabriel strained, requiring the total sum of his superhuman strength to cancel the inertia of his first swing and bringing the blade back around in a sweeping horizontal arc. One that sent the top half of his second assailant's helmet spinning away in a spray of blood and cranial matter.
    There was no time to rest. No time to breath. In an instant, two more Chaos Space Marines were barrelling towards him, a third not too far behind. Gabriel disembowelled the first, and met the second with a shoulder-barge, opening his opponent's guard up enough to take both his arms from him before kicking him into the onrushing form of his squadmate. They collided, the impact sending them both sprawling to the floor in a heap. Before they could recover, Gabriel was upon them, plunging his blade down in a two-handed reverse-grip. The glowing blade sheared through the abdominal armour of the first fallen traitor and bit into the armour of the one beneath him. Without a word, Gabriel pulled the sword clear of the struggling Possessed and pushed the tip of the powered blade into the vulnerable spot between the chest plastron and shoulder pad of his enemy. The blade slid effortlessly through the Chaos Space Marine's fused ribcage, penetrating both hearts. The second Possessed could only look on, pinned beneath his once-comrade as Gabriel solemnly repeated the process.
    Standing up, Gabriel wrenched the two-handed power sword free, blood hissing from its energised blade, and paused, breathing heavily, trusting his Sword Bearers to their duties. His battle with the Possessed had only lasted a few scant seconds, but it had been strenuous all the same. Slowly, he lifted his head. By the time he looked up, the Dark Apostle was already dead, the renegade having been methodically disarmed, dismembered and dispatched by Gabriel's Sword Bearers.
    A more than an acceptable outcome, he thought, hefting his blade to his shoulder once more.

    Chaos Space Marine Turn 3:

    In the Imperial temple, the remaining Crimson Oracles fall back into cover, away from Perditor Squad Affra, while ensuring that they are still in Rapid Fire range of Gabriel and his Sword Bearers. The Ashen Prophets, who had been closing the distance to Excubitor Squad Eyal's combat squads alongside the Thralls of the Void, double-back, letting the Chaos Cultists continue their advance while they ready to engage the Angels Of Vengeance Order Paladin and his Sword Bearers from range.

    Outside the temple, Chaos Lord Gal Berosus and the lone surviving member of the Brazen Heralds march passed the wreck of the Astra Mulitarum Chimera, bearing down on Chevalier Squad Chanowk.

    In the Shooting phase, the Mortis Brethren target Kasrkin Squad Kahane with their Autocannons, killing half the unit, including two of the squad's three Meltaguns and the unit's Veteran Sergeant. They still manage to pass their Morale Check. Elsewhere, the Brazen Heralds' last Chaos Terminator fires upon the Angels Of Venegance's Chevalier Squad, killing a single Space Marine.

    In the temple, both units of Chaos Space Marines open fire, reducing Michael Gabriel to a single Wound. However, one member of Ashen Prophets is killed in exchange; having failed his armour save after rolling a '1' To Hit with his Plasma Gun. Following this, during the Assault phase, the Thralls of the Void declare a charge at the Plasma Repeater combat squad, losing two of their number to Overwatch fire and failing to roll the distance required for the charge.

    Back outside, Gal Berosus and the Chaos Terminator successfully charge Chevalier Squad Chanowk, the Chaos Lord losing a Wound to Overwatch fire. Gal Berosus issues a Challenge, Veteran Sergeant Chanowk accepts. In the Challenge, Veteran Sergeant Chanowk manages to Wound Gal Bersosus, while outside of the Challenge the rest of his squad kills the Chaos Terminator before he can strike with his Chainfist. In exchange, the Chaos Lord pulverizes the Veteran Sergeant and two other Space Marines. Having killed an enemy Character, Gal Berosus immediately rolls on the Chaos Boon Table, rolling the Bloated result, returning him to full Wounds. The Chevalier Squad then passes their Morale Check.

    Armies Of The Imperium Turn 3:

    Perditor Squad Affra relocates, moving closer to the Mortis Brethren, while Michael Gabriel and his Sword Bearers advance on the Crimson Oracles. Outside, both The Emperor's Annihilators and Karskin Squad Ilan march up the board, the infantry unit's progress hampered by difficult terrain. The remaining Astra Militarum units adjust their positions, closing the distance to the Mortis Brethren holding position inside the Manufactorum Sanctum Administratus ruin.

    The Shooting phase starts with Captain Cynthia successfully issuing the 'First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!' Order at Karskin Squad Kahane, and the 'Fire on my Target!' Order at her own Command Squad. Following this the Command Squad and Karskin Squad Kahane manage to kill off the Mortis Brethren's Apriring Champion, losing a Veteran from the Command Squad in exchange as his Plasma Gun overheats. The remaining members of the Mortis Brethern are then eradicated by Perditor Squad Affra's plasma barrage.

    Inside the temple, the Meltagun combat squad opens fire on the Thralls of the Void, killing two. While the Plasma Repeator combat squad kills another nine. The unit passes its Morale Check.

    In the Assault phase, the Meltagun combat squad declares a charge at the Thralls of the Void. Overwatch fails to kill anyone, and the combat squad successfully completes the charge. At the same time, Gabriel and his Sword Bearers declare a charge at the Crimson Oracles. Firing Overwatch, two of the Chaos Space Marine's Plasma Gun shots manage to hit and to wound, but both Sword Bearers unexpectedly pass their 6+ Feal No Pain roll, allowing the Angels Of Vengeance unit manages to complete its charge without issue.

    Michael Gabriel then declares a Challenge, with Aspiring Champion Etana accepting. In the Challenge, Gabriel kills the Aspiring Champion, as well as three other members of the Word Bearer squad. Outside the Challenge, the rest of the Crimson Oracle squad is slain, Sword Bearer Lavi being brought low in exchange. Gabriel and his remaining Sword Bearer consolidate 2" towards the Ashen Prophets.

    At the other end of the temple, the Cultist Champion issues a Challenge, Excubitor Praefectus Eyal accepts. In the Challenge, Eyal dispatches the Cultist Champion with ease, killing another member of the Thralls of the Void in the process. Outside the Challange, the Excubitors slay another three Cultists. The Cultists retaliate, inflicting five Wounds, four of which are saved by the Excubitor's armour save, and the last one by their 6+ Feel No Pain roll. The Cultists roll the 'double 1' required for them to pass their Morale Check.

    In the combat outside, Chevalier Squad Chanowk is unable to wound the Chaos Lord, who slays three of their number in return. The Chevalier Squad fails its Morale Check, retreating 5" from Gal Berosus.

    Ritual Status: 12 steps of the Ritual complete with 8 Cultist Sorcerers still alive.
    Chaos Space Marines: 1 Victory Point - Armies Of The Imperium: 0 Victory Points

    Cynthia Silveline scrambled across the road, slipping past the smouldering ruin of her command vehicle. Her command squad was all around her: Neumann, to her left, lumbering his cumbersome master-vox; Weber, Meyer, and Becker, in front of her, their plasma guns' accelerator coils glowing brightly.
    To her rear, a bloody confrontation unfolded. Cynthia could hear the roar of a chainsword, the hammer blow thuds of gun butts against armour, and the shriek of adamantium teeth as they chewed through ceramite/plasteel composite plates. She glanced back just in time to catch one of the Chaos Space Marines as he was surrounded; hacked down from all sides. Now only a single, hulking figure remained.
    This one was a monster – twelve feet tall and boasting a horned helm, a great power maul and a clawed power fist that could reduce a Space Marine to a shredded, bloodied pulp with contemptuous ease. Her eyes still fixed on the swirling melee, she witnessed the Angel of Vengeance's sergeant duck low, dodging a blow designed to take his head from his shoulders, and retaliate with a blow of his own, his chainsword's roar rising to a howl as it bit ceramite, then flesh, then bone, blood spraying. At this, the traitor roared, backhanding the Space Marine with his power first, the force of the blow shattering the sergeant's armour and hurling him away from the renegade like a broken and abandoned toy. Yet the Angels of Vengeance still did not break, remaining stubborn in the face of adversity even as another of their number fell to the monster's power fist, impaled upon the weapon's talons.
    Cynthia tore her eyes away from the scene, sprinting after her men, heading off the road and sliding down the embankment beyond. Up ahead, far off to her left, she spotted the remnants of squad Kahane. Half their number lay motionless in the rubble, their bodies in pieces, shredded by a hail of heavy ballistic shells. She grit her teeth, the sight of her butchered men burning the fear that threatened to cower her from her heart, leaving only hatred in its place.
    “Neumann,” she shouted, looking over to her colour sergeant. “Get Kahane on the vox. I need him and his men to be ready for fusillade fire on my mark. Today, Neumann!”
    “Understood, captain! Transmitting now.”
    Cynthia smiled. If the Adeptus Astartes were prepared to fight and die on this worthless battlefield in the middle of nowhere, the least she and her men could do was to fight and die along with them. Even if it was with their last breath, Cynthia and her men would ensure any hope the heretics had of victory would turn to ashes in their mouths.
    Final moments worthy of The Emperor's praise, she thought, barking another curt order to her command squad.

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    Game Turn 4/Game Turn 5

    Chaos Space Marine Turn 4:

    Chaos Lord Gal Berosus moves in pursuit of the Astra Militarum Command Squad.

    In the Shooting phase, the Ashen Prophets open fire on Michael Gabriel and Sword Bearer Terach, killing the Sword Bearer and inflicting an unsaved Wound on Michael Gabriel with their units Plasma Gun, threatening to kill the Angels of Vengeance Paladin. Luckily Gabriel makes his 6+ Feel No Pain roll.

    In the Assault Phase, Gal Berosus declares a charge at Captain Cynthia's Command Squad. Overwatch fails to inflict any Wounds on the Chaos Lord, and he declares a Challenge, Captain Cynthia accepts. In the Challenge, Gal Berosus kills the Astra Millitarum Commander, though only just, the Captain making all but the last of her three 5+ invulnerable saves. Having killed an enemy Character, Gal Berosus immediately rolls on the Chaos Boon Table, rolling the Blade of Chaos result; his Power Maul now has the Fleshbane special rule. His victory in the Challange also secures the Chaos Space Marines the Slay The Warlord Secondary Objective. Yet, the Chaos Lord suffers a Wound in retaliation for his victory from the surviving members of the Command Squad. However, at the end of the Fight sub-phase, the Command Squad fails their Morale Check, falling back 3" from the Chaos Lord.

    In the combat between one of Excubitor Squad Eyal's combat squads and the Thralls of the Void inside the temple, the Meltagun combat squad kills another five Cultists, suffering no losses of their own. The remaining Chaos Cultists then fail their Morale Check and are run down by the combat squad's Sweeping Advance. The combat squad then consolidates 1".

    Armies Of The Imperium Turn 4:

    Both Chevalier Squad Chanowk and the Astra Militarum Command Squad regroup, the former advancing towards the temple while the later continues to pull away from Gal Berosus.

    Elsewhere, both combat squads in the temple, as well as the Perditor Squad outside of it, close in on the Sorcerers, while Michael Gabriel moves to confront the Ashen Prophets.

    In the Shooting phase, the remains of the Command Squad opens fire on Gal Berosus, yet fails to land a shot. Following this, Karskin Squad Kahane adds their firepower to the task of taking down the Chaos Lord, killing him with Lasgun fire, gaining the Armies of the Imperium the Slay the Warlord Secondary Objective.

    Inside the temple, every model that can fires their weapons at the Sorcerers, killing two and wounding another. While every other unit that hasn't shot (apart from Micheal Gabriel) runs towards the temple.

    In the Assault phase, Michael Gabriel declares a charge at the Ashen Prophets. Overwatch fails to Wound him, and he makes the charge. Michael Gabriel then declares a Challenge, with Aspiring Champion Duzi accepting. In the Challenge, Michael Gabriel kills the Aspiring Champion and one other Chaos Space Marine. The Ashen Prophets fail to kill him in return. They pass their Morale Check.

    Ritual Status: 15 steps of the Ritual complete with 6 Cultist Sorcerers still alive (one with only one Wound remaining).
    Chaos Space Marines: 2 Victory Points - Armies Of The Imperium: 1 Victory Point

    The captain's scream heralded the monster's approach. None of the other men and women hunkered down amongst the rubble had sensed the giant's appearance – not even the captain's own command squad. Weber had been tending to Meyer's burns, the veteran's skin charred and cooked by the catastrophic malfunction of his own plasma gun. Becker himself had been celebrating – cheering as the heavy weapons of one of the Angels of Vengeance's squads reduced their Chaos Space Marine counterparts to smouldering ruins of armour and flesh – as the renegade emerged from the coiling smoke that cloaked the rear of the burnt-out Chimera they were using for cover. At their captain's scream, all their heads snapped in her direction, weapons raised and ready, the Cadian veterans' training kicking in before an average soldier would have had time to blink. That was when they saw him.
    Becker stared at the Word Bearer. It was the same Chaos Space Marine from earlier, or at least Becker had thought so, but the traitor looked different somehow – bigger, his flesh bulging from his armour in clammy rolls. Blood ran in thick rivulets down his deep crimson armour, the numerous parchments and inscriptions that adorned it now dyed a similar shade of red.
    Standing before the renegade, Captain Cynthia looked like a child, her family's relic power sword nothing more than a toy in comparison to the Chaos Space Marine's power fist and maul. Yet the Cadian commander did not falter, matching the monster's advance with a charge of her own, her sword raised in defiance.
    Before now, Becker had witnessed men empty whole clips into that monster, and seen it slaughter Space Marines with a single dismissive swing of his clawed hand. Now the Chaos Space Marine swung his might maul, only for Captain Cynthia to catch the heavy head of the weapon against her own blade in a shower of sparks. Becker cried out as the blow forced the captain to her knees, the strength of the impact too severe for her to remain standing. Even driven to her knees, his captain's sword did not falter, her guard as yet unbroken.
    Becker watched in awe at her defiance. His plasma gun forgotten in his hand, the Cadian stared wide-eyed as hope welled within his breast. The second hammer blow of the renegade's power maul ended all that, however, killing it dead the same moment it knocked the human women onto her back, the sword flung aside, her sword-arm ruined beyond recognition. She screamed again. This time fraught with agony and desperation.
    Curses sprang forth from Captain Cynthia's lips, hurled with abandon upon her foe even as he raised his maul for the third time. Becker and his fellow soldier were already firing before the Chaos Space Marine could swing, bolts of plasma bursting against his corrupted force field and las-blasts scarring his baroque Terminator armour. Becker saw the renegade falter slightly, a fresh scour cut into the monster's flesh, but it wasn't enough. The power maul swung downwards, the weapon's power field colliding with the captain's refractor field in an unholy amalgamation of distorted energies.
    The bright flash released from the impact blinded Becker and the soldiers around him momentarily. By the time their vision returned, the monster was already swinging his maul once more. They looked on in horror. Captain Cynthia's refractor field was all but spent, she could barely lift her back off the ground, her laspistol aimed shakily up at her killer. There was nothing any of them could do. Becker grit his teeth, reaffirming his resolve to commit his captain's last moments to memory.
    “Fight-” she began to say. She got no further, the power maul reducing everything above her midriff to a fine mist of blood, bone and armour fragments.
    Becker cried out. The men and women around him cried out. Not out of fear, but hatred. The Chaos Space Marine stepped forward. None of the surviving Imperial soldiers took even one step back. Instead, they stood resolute and unflinching. Determined to fight and die where they stood, a prayer to The Emperor on their lips, their weapons blazing until the last. Each single-minded in their devotion to bring the renegade down or die trying.

    Chaos Space Marine Turn 5:

    By this point, there is really only one Chaos Space Marine unit left on the table: the Ashen Prophets, who are locked in combat with Michael Gabriel. With the game looking like it will end in a Sudden Death Victory, I and my partner decide to continue playing to see if the Cultist Sorcerers can complete their ritual and whether the Ashen Prophets can manage to remove Michael Gabriel's final remaining Wound before he kills them all.

    During the Chaos Space Marine's Psychic Phase, the Cultist Sorcerers complete their ritual, sacrificing their lives to summon a Great Unclean One.

    In the Assault Phase, Gabriel kills another two Chaos Space Marines of the Ashen Prophets. They fail to Wound him. They pass their Morale Check.

    Armies Of The Imperium Turn 5:

    Every single remaining unit in and around the Imperial temple moves to bring their weapons to bear upon the Great Unclean One.

    In the Shooting phase, every model that can draw a line of sight to the Great Unclean One fires at it. In total: 11 Boltgun shots, 1 Bolt Pistol shot, 3 Heavy Bolter shots, 2 Meltagun shots, 9 Plasma Repeater shots, 8 Plasma Burner shots, 5 Plasma Incinerator shots, and Three Lascannon shots. All of this firepower only just about managing to kill it with the last Lascannon shot, awarding the Imperial Forces five Victory Points.

    In the Assault Phase, Gabriel kills another member of the Ashen Prophets, they fail to kill him. They fail their Morale Check and are caught in Gabriel's Sweeping Advance. Leaving the Word Bearers with roughly two models still on the table (though both are Falling Back and have been since Turn 1 or 2).

    Ritual Status: Ritual Complete.
    Chaos Space Marines: 5 Victory Points - Armies Of The Imperium: 6 Victory Points

    Minor Victory to the Armies Of The Imperium!

    Gabriel planted his sword forcefully into the rubble of the temple, his shoulders heaving as he gasped for air. Each laboured breath made the heavy ribbing and plates of his armour clunk together. Around him, countless Chaos Space Marines lay in pieces, a carpet of eviscerated flesh and shattered crimson plasteel.
    Gabriel's assault on the ruined temple hadn't been an easy one, and his relic power armour bore the scars of a dozen different weapons. He'd been lucky, his breastplate taking a bolt of superheated matter akin to a solar flare, the immense energy of the blast melting straight through the armour's ablative layer yet leaving the armour underneath unscathed. Others hadn't been as fortunate. Both his Sword Bearers lay amongst the dead littering the temple's floor; Brother-Champion Lavi brought low amongst the bloody melee; surrounded, beaten down and beheaded through the combined efforts of half-a-dozen traitors. And Brother-Champion Terach who sacrificed his life to preserve Gabriel's own, barging the Paladin out the way of a barrage of plasma shots that burnt through the Sword Bearer's artificer armour and reducing the majority of his internal organs to ash.
    Gabriel solemnly uttered a quiet benediction in their memory. They had performed their duty and allowed him to perform his: holding the enemy in place long enough for the rest of his strike force to banish the Greater Daemon unmolested. Without their sacrifice, it was almost certain the Angels of Vengeance's forces would have been unable to prevent the utter annihilation of all loyal Imperial inhabitants upon the surface of the planet.
    Behind him, Gabriel heard the sound of footsteps, too cautious and light-footed to be Space Marines. He turned, and was greeted by no more than two-dozen Cadian Shock Troops; Veterans or Grenadiers by the looks of their armour and unit markings. At the forefront of them stood two of their number, one supporting another heavily wounded soldier – their leader Gabriel assumed. His armour was scalded by plasma fire, the skin of his face badly burnt, and one of his arms ending abruptly in a charred stump just above the elbow.
    “Are you the commander of this detachment?” Gabriel asked, sparing a curt glance across the men and women arrayed before him.
    “N-No, my lord,” the uninjured soldier replied, his words half-muffled and his voice hoarse. “The commander of the 72nd was Captain Cynthia Silveline. S-She... she was... killed... by the traitor's own commander not long before you and your warriors routed what was left of them, my lord.”
    “Who does command fall to in the wake of her demise?”
    “I-I'm... unsure, my lord. There were only a few dozen of us left in the regiment after the fall of the spaceport. It left us operating without a well-defined chain of command. I imagine one of the surviving veteran sergeants holds seniority now, by virtue of their rank.” A pause. “Shall I fetch one for you, my lord?”
    Gabriel shook his head. “That will be unnecessary."
    "I understand, my lord."
    "Honour your dead and tend to your wounded," Gabriel instructed. "I and my men do not plan to hold and fortify this position. Once we have seen to our own dead and wounded we will advance into Ekeresia with the intent to link up with the Imperial counter-attack. I extend an offering to you to accompany us. We cannot directly offer you our protection, nor would I expect you to ask for it, but I believe it would be the most logical tactical decision for us to proceed as one force. Do you hold any objections?"
    “No, my lord. Not at all, my lord.” the injured soldier replied, interrupting, snapping his back ram-rod straight and staring unflinchingly at Gabriel with his one good eye.
    Beneath his helmet, Gabriel smiled.
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