So, I've been gone from wargaming for a while, and gone from Warseer for 8 years. Now, I'm moving from Fantasy to 40k.

I've already bought models and assembled them during lockdown at work.

6 Leman Russ tanks
3 with battle cannons, plasma sponsons, mix of heavy flamer and bolter on hull, 1 is Command.
2 With punisher gatlings, 1 has 3 heavy flamers, the other is command with lascannon and 2 heavy bolters
1 with demolisher cannon, 2 heavy bolters and a heavy flamer.

1 Baneblade
2 heavy flamer sponsons and a heavy stubber added.

1 chimera with heavy bolters

2 techpriests

I've ordered 2 basilisks to add to this. I also plan on using the Gunnery Experts and Jury-Rigged Repairs Doctrines, and giving the Baneblade the Steadfast Leviathon rather than taking a Warlord trait.

My standing questions are how do Tank Companies end up playing? I know that my Leman Russ will get Defenders of Humanity in a Spearhead Detachment, but should I be more or less worried about taking fire with T8 across the field? I don't know anything about the local gaming groups yet, and I haven't played warhammer since before End Times, so I felt it was time to enter 40k and get that tank army I always wanted but never had cause to play.

It's good to be back, Warseer!