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Thread: From the depts of antiquity, I rise

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    Re: From the depts of antiquity, I rise

    My member number is 9.

    People by member number:

    1. Nick
    2. Someone named DrDuran who may or may not be a test account?
    3. Someone named Seph who posted a little then disappeared.
    4. Hercco!
    5. Sylass, who was IIRC the owner at one point?
    6. Malakai
    7. Cat0234 ... Who?
    8. Great Harlequin who was fairly active for a while!
    9. Me!
    10. Riddy ... Who I also don't know.

    Early days were strange. AFAIK the site wasn't even named for a couple of months. We had a meeting! A vote!

    Quote Originally Posted by Portent View Post
    Somehow I'm only member 158...
    Didn't you have a very young baby at the time?
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