So there are Seven Vampire Bloodlines originally right?
Each having their original creator and then subsequent vampires in the family.

In the old (perhaps two editions back?) book they were listed as Von Carstein, Lahmian, Necrarch, Blood Dragons and Strigoi.

Now from lore and being currently reading the Nagash book they have the origins of below:

Lahmians - Neferata
Blood Dragons - Abhorash
Necrarch - W'soran
Strigoi - Ushoran

Von Carstein - Now here is where I wonder. This line obviously wasn't originally called VonC, and became that later. Do we know who the predecessor of the bloodline was.

6 - ?
7 - ?
Who were the other two bloodlines, and do they still exist? Or were they wiped out long ago, or did the 6th and 7th original vamps get killed before creating a lineage (or are there 5 and I dreampt up the other two, though I'm sure the old army book I mention had 7 listed as the number).