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Thread: Codex Supplement - The Death of Stars (7th Edition)

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    Codex Supplement - The Death of Stars (7th Edition)


    Towards the latter half of last year I found my passion and motivation for a lot of the more creative aspects of my life become almost non-existent. The exhaustion I felt from the pandemic and the depression that often comes with the winter months combining to drain me of almost any and all energy I wasn't devoting to my day-to-day life. However, with the receding of winter and the promise of widespread vaccination I have of late found some of my previous energy and passion returning. With it, I have started to being work anew on many a project I left on hiatus as well as begin work on several new projects and ideas. The Death of Stars is one of the latter, a novel set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe revolving around Alessandra Crass, an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor; her Inquisitor Lord master, Stefan Rudgard; and the bizarre characters of Alessandra's inquisitorial warband as they investigate a series of uprisings in the Eastern Fringe, tracking down the Xenos cult behind these rebellions. This Supplement is intended to be a companion project for the novel, allowing people to get both an idea of who the major character's in the novel are, as well as be able to use them in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

    Below, in this post, you should find the Supplement's Contents with links to each article, unit, character and glossary, all there for your ease of navigation. This will be a shorter project, with only a handful of character/unit entries and at most a couple of formations.


    Inquisitor Lord Stefan Rudgard
    Inquisitor Alessandra Crass

    Captain Marcus Sang
    Magos Errant Tarshish
    Theta-xi 54
    Proctor Sibéal Mulcahy

    Proctor Cillian Jorden
    Sister Hospitaller Angelina
    Massimo Aita
    Brutus Crash

    The Retinue Of Inquisitor Lord Stefan Rudgard
    The Retinue Of Inquisitor Alesandra Crass

    Faction And Allies
    Inquisitorial Warband's Armoury
    Ranged Weapons
    Melee Weapons
    Special Issue Wargear
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