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    Bayonet & Ricochet Miniatures. Hello :D

    Hello everyone.

    Thought I'd take some time to introduce our miniatures company Bayonet & Ricochet. We just like you guys are fans of miniatures and wargaming and have been modeling and wargaming for over 20 years.

    Below we've included some of the miniatures in development for our up-and-coming tabletop war game that has yet to be named.

    The miniatures for this in development will be released in a boxed set with around 25 to 30 plastic or resin miniatures, along with a basic rulebook and storied history. The wargame in development will be broken down into three stages, an Overland Campaign similar to games like risk, a tourney also known as Tilting(joust), and open warfare similar to other wargames you've played, with formations, wheeling, and more.

    In addition along with the physical Miniatures, we will be releasing STL files that people with 3D printers can utilize, download and print out. And if you already have your own miniatures that fit the bill. Well, bring them along as well. We plan to have rules for your own minis.

    The Wargame in development is being designed as historically accurate as possible for a low magic fantasy setting, with the fanfare and panoply of 16th-century war, being a significant and central focus of the wargames style and flavor.
    In addition, our goal is to move away from an easy-to-pick-up and play, in favor of complexity, strategies, placement of units, and formations, such as wheeling, and wedge formations.

    Our goal in the next few years is to have a Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns released for the game.

    This tabletop wargame by Bayonet & Ricochet miniatures will be designed with a rich backstory set in an alternate earth, the factions in the game will be a mash of actual historical groups, such as Britains, Russians, Vikings. The cultures in the game are being named with conventions from dead languages, such as old English, germanic.
    As an example, one of the cultures will be called Rus Dane Menn' (or the men who row a play on words of the Rus Vikings) or the Aer Kings (First Kings) in old English/Germanic. Our game devs are somewhat historians in their own right and have spent a lot of time world building with a lot of emphasis on the life, and history of the 15th 16th century.
    Yes there will be a dash of fantasy in the game. However, The majority of the miniatures will be able to be used by historical gamers in other games if they so chose.

    The other central theme of this game is the brutality of the 16th century age, and it is our intent to not pull any punches, to make the storied elements of the game as horrific, and visceral as possible. The The more we can offend those that clutch their pearls the better. This will not be a game for all ages.

    Additionally, we are attempting to make our line of miniatures multi-pose, instead of monopose and our designs all reflect a commitment to personal creativity, over style. A number of helmets, jousting guards(shields), and more will be available with each Knight and should be able to switch out the horse, torso, and head on each model however we have been unable to make the legs, multi-pose at this time. . We will continue to update sneak previews of our historical like 15-16th century Knights, men at arms, and other miniatures as time allows.

    And lastly a statement of our ethics as a company.

    Our company strongly believes in freedom of expression, freedom of ideas, and freedom of speech. Bayonet & Ricochet will choose freedom of speech, and diversity of ideas, and the free exchange of thought over temporary security every single time.
    As we strive to be part of a free society, instead of a hyper corporate, hyper restrictive mono-culture, demanding strict conformity over free expression. Our goals are not to create a game that centers around mono-cultural diversity, but to make a game where creativity and personal choice matter.
    Our goals are not to be equitable, but to make a game historical, and to build story over mono-cultural equability. You're free to paint your miniatures anyway that you want, but we will not change our game to force inclusivity, instead we will focus on a good story, good game play mechanics, and complexity.
    Our goal is to offend, because history is offensive and horrific, and terrible, and our game is strongly influenced by history and it's lessons. We will not pull punches, we will not pander and we will never bend the knee.
    We plan to create good games, for war game fans. Not weekend impulse buyers that move onto the next fidget spinner, or tickle me elmo craze. Our dedication is to WARGAMERS!

    Our mission with Bayonet & Ricochet is to make historical-like miniatures, and through the study of history, we've learned something very important, those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat its horrific atrocities every single time.

    “With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably. The first time any man's freedom is trodden on we’re all damaged….”-Aaron Satie words of wisdom and warning”

    ― Jean Luc Picard

    Please keep in mind the images below are of per-production prototypes, which have actually been printed despite looking thin in some areas, The actual models will be updated and thickened in some places depending on the production process we chose before release. (we've had a lot of people ask about it, it's been addressed they are fine)

    Click image for larger version. 

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