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Thread: Project Phoenix (Orks, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Terrain)

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    Re: Project Phoenix (Orks, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Terrain)

    Hello folks. A brief update: Whilst work (and editing my youtube videos!) has taken up most of my week, there were some important updates. I went off to get my first dose of Covid Vaccine and clearly the stalwart eastern European roots served me well, as I seemed to have just felt 'a bit rubbish' next day whereas several of my friends apparently reacted quite badly. If you're getting one, make sure you take it easy the next day and you drink extra water (I bought two 1l bottles of water to sip the next day)

    Anyway, on my way back from the town I got the vaccine in, I happened across a 'geek shop' looking to get some paints to get working on the hobby again. In that shop, not only did I pick up a copy of the core rulebook for an okay price, but they had 5 rather poorly painted Original Rhinos, selling at 6-7 each, half the price I'm seeing on Ebay, though awful paint and awful conversion jobs in places. I had planned on getting an ultrasonic cleaner to strip all my Space Marines anyway, so I figured picking up all 5 for under 40 would do well to bolster any reinforcements to replace some of the losses. I'm primarily concerned about space Marines, as with the Primaris ranges, I can see the old stuff getting harder to find and more expensive. No idea how close I am to completing the Chapter, so much is on sprues and in boxes!

    Anyway, that put me in a good mood. Other stuff which occurred mainly last weekend:

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    The weather has been extremely mixed and the rains have come and gone, but in a brief moment of being outside, I set up my cleaning station.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Of course, it's not just dirt, we're also facing a lot of bent plastics! a lot of the 'intact' terrain that was going to feature, is now going to be wrecked terrain!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some of the more awkward pieces have involved card scenery from 1st Edition Necromunda (If you're about to correct me, the predecessor was 'Confrontation' - Yes, I'm that old!) getting mixed up with I'm pretty sure there's some Sentinal sprues and possibly a Devastator Heavy Weapon Sprue. Card stuff is going to harder to extract from plastics and also to clean, but hopefully, getting the old clippers out will let me free this fella.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's a selection of old stuff. Can you recognise all these pieces? Have a go!
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