Clearly you're memorable. That's a good thing...

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Yeah, just to give an idea of how squeeeeee'd the Rhino side got, here's a comparison!

So it's been horrific weather recently, and being as I don't have anyone else in the house to shout at me for occupying the bath, it has now become my 'drying location' for internally washed models. I have ordered an ultrasonic cleaner, but that's primarily going to be to try stripping paint, the soot will be a bonus though!.. Look at how black this bucket of hot water, washing up liquid and sugar soap is!

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I then replaced the bucket contents a few days later and still went black with more bits in!

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Eurgh... Give the a soak, rattle them around a bit then take an old 2" brush and scrub the black off em. Hard to tell what was just undercoated and what was just dirty...

But here's something..

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Cleaned up, a dab of paint here and there, a bit of varnish and my Ork Kommand is ready to go.