Some painting has been accomplished!
-I've blocked in some orange areas with Jokaero Orange and then a lighter layer of JO + Blazing Orange in the center. These areas I'm going to try to get some sort of glow effect going on, GW painter's advice was to either do a progressive series of highlights to build up a glow, or to base JO and then hit it with Gryph-Hound contrast paint. And since I completely lack the patience to build up a glow with progressive highlighting (and didn't want to spend like, $20 on paints to put the glow on 3 models) I'm opting for the JO + Contrast route. There'll be some of these on the plasma rifles, and the heat sink looking areas on the newer Broadside. I'm undecided on putting it on the older models, I think it might end up on the very back end of the older railguns. It might get put on the metal heat sinks that cover up the jetpacks. Not sure on that part though, those areas are pretty large and I don't know exactly how the contrast will paint look yet.
-Edge highlights are in place on all the red areas of Evil Suns + Blazing Orange. Next step here will be to edge highlight the grey, likely with Administratum Grey with enough Ceramite White added to make it light enough. After that, one of the older broadsides will... volunteer... to be a test case for a Nuln Oil shade.

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