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Thread: Bayonet & Ricochet Miniatures. 3D printable Miniatures

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    Bayonet & Ricochet Miniatures. 3D printable Miniatures

    Hello as some of you have may seen in the introduction section. Bayonet & Ricochet Miniatures is in the process of creating a table-top war game. The first of which is a classic fantasy setting. However, we need some help funding this adventure, so we can get to production. And we've come up with an idea we'd like to try out.

    Some companies use Patreon for subscriptions for monthly 3D printable STL files. Our lead sculptor had an amazing idea during a live stream recently and thought it might be a good idea to try a different method

    We would like to not only give you miniatures but, also provide a show. So here is how you can help us out.

    We're currently doing live streams here Of gaming and 3D modeling. Like a Patreon we want to offer subscribers STL files for 3D printers, so they can print off miniatures each month for personal use.

    We're going to be offering a range of miniatures from terrain, to monsters, sci-fi, and fantasy. Now we're somewhat brand new to streaming and honestly only a small mom-and-pop operation, so we first need followers before we get to subscribers. If you're interested in checking out our latest stream here and giving us a follow, it will help us towards our goal.

    You can check out samples of our stuff being worked on here on the link below on Warseer, in the introduction forum, and learn a little bit about the IP we're working on.

    Or current goal is to get to 50 followers and have 4 people chatting so we can gain affiliate status, then we should be able to allow subscribers and thus monthly miniatures for subscribers. As we gain more subscriptions over time we plan to do giveaways, such as Physical Miniatures, Table Top gaming supplies, Computer Games, Graphics Cards and more. Thanks for Checking out or stuff.

    Bayonet & Ricochet.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Bayonet & Ricochet Miniatures. 3D printable Miniatures

    Watch The Latest Live Stream

    Subscribers will get monthly miniatures and have the opportunity to learn about sculpting and see what we're up to.

    So don't forget to Subscribe and Follow to the main Channel here

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Bayonet & Ricochet Miniatures. 3D printable Miniatures

    Nice work!!
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    Re: Bayonet & Ricochet Miniatures. 3D printable Miniatures

    So I definitely like the concept here. A 3D Printing operation for classic fantasy is what I have been looking for over the past few weeks. Specifically what I am looking for is WFB compatible STL files in the 4th to 6th editions, depending on the army. I do like what few pictures that we have on here, but the warseer link in the intro page takes me to a weird place on Warseer, so I would consider that to be a dead link. I will try to keep an eye on this and see what the twitch streams are all about.
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