Now, I've gotten back to the proper work of the miniatures. Well, minis and then the 'ature, because if you ask me, the big zombie dragon is hardly mini.

First, I've gotten the blood dragon horseman painted:

Gotten done some scales on the zombie dragon, after I finally found a method that I was somewhat happy with:

And finally, I've gotten started on my Battle Standard Bearer. Quite happy with the design, I think it ties in well with the black grail and the wing shields on the vamps with shields.

Now I just need to decide how detailed to make the banner. I am neither good enough at free hand to make one of those painterly banners, though luckily, I also prefer the more simply banner designs, but I will probably try to make some more design on it. Input is appreciated.

Looking forward to working on both dragon and BSB, but now I'm off for a week of vacation and after that, studying for exams, so the next update might be a while.