Hello everyone.

I've had an undead army in progress since I was about 6, where I got into the hobby thanks to my older brother. My first models were stuff like Nagash, the old bone chariot and the old, old skellies.
Since then, through Undead and Vampire Counts, I've had a glacial pace at creating an army, barely getting to about 2000 points when really pumping the magic items. And as the army was collected over such a long time, it had quite a range in quality and I was not satisfied with it. And I also burned out converting some Black Knights.

But I finally got back into it last year, again thanks to my brother and some lucky deals on second-hand undead.
And dang, my pace has been great. At least by my standards.

When I started, there were a few things I didn't think needed updating. 40 zombies, a corpse cart, a few dire wolves made from old chaos hounds and the Black Knights I mentioned:

In more detail, here is the Corpse Cart, obviously inspired by plague doctors and with less of an mad scientist vibe to the pulling zombies:

And the Black Knights, made from the sadly defunct Knights of the Realm and bits from the giant skellies of old and some skellie horses: