After our first Kickstarter foray for an undead fantasy fleet, now dating back to three years ago, we have returned with new model vessels representing two of the most prominent races of the world of GRAVETIDES: the Frost Dead of Nadvidia and the forces of the Necralchemist of Neghorreth.

These original and beautifully digitally sculpted models can be used with the GRAVETIDES beta rules downloadable from our ‘official’ site ( or easily adapted to existing wargaming rule systems to add new variations to your epic naval battles.

This Kickstarter also reproposes our original undead war fleet now representing the naval forces of Kavenid, a once powerful human merchant realm that while striving to remain neutral in the wars among its peers was the first to turn itself into a Necrorealm under the pressure of the expansion of The Defiler and of the secret desire to outrun other realms once acquired immortality.

These hand sculpted models were available during our first Kickstarter and only a small second reprint was done during this years.

All ships will be cast in high quality resin and offered as already composed war fleets composed by a flagship, two independent vessels and two different squadrons of three warships each.

Hope you'll join us in this new adventure!

Ice, Lightning & Death

- Res In Aere