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Thread: Snakebite Warlord Ghor'Bosh da Smoker, Krumper of Skales, Da Grand Snake.

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    Snakebite Warlord Ghor'Bosh da Smoker, Krumper of Skales, Da Grand Snake.

    Placeholder for my Ork army.

    Will be basing it on Snakebites mainly, with a dash of Deathskulls.
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    One simple Warboss, with Power Claw and Kustom Shoota (Da Dead Shiney Shoota, but Da Killa Klaw is also tempting).

    Ghor'Bosh loves a sigar, and apart from squigjuice, he is a simple warlord,
    his ambitions are grand, but he does it in a Kunning way.

    Warlord Traits are a hard one, I like the snakebite one, but it's not that good,
    I think i't be good to take this as a second warlord trait by buying it via CP's.
    Might is Right +1 Str/ +1 A.
    Surley as a Squiggoth,reroll morale for snakebites, autopass for gretchin (Grot Tanks are Gretchin).
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    Have a look at my Combined Krieg/ Ryzan Husarz-Grenadiers attempt:
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