Ok, the next set of 10 night goblins ready to rock. I will walk these through the process as we continue. In the back as the next unit filler (in a unit of twenty or more, I definitely like to add flare with some unit fillers to break up the normal rank and file look, especially with units that should not have that sort of discipline), is a small "cave wall" with some stalagtites. My wife has been quick to tell me that these do not look completely realistic, and she is absolutely correct. I want the darkness and formation of a cave feeling, but as these night goblins are going to be incorporated with the rest of the Orc and Goblin army (who have the normal field look), I want to show a bit of vegetation and color as well. Besides, I am sure that some cave formation somewhere actually does have exposed stalagtites with vegetation on them! It's not completely unrealistic, right?

The unit filler is made of a few plastic pillars to give it strength and two plastic circular bases at the top to give it width, but then I wet some toilet paper and twisted and molded it across that skeleton to give it volume. This was all drenched in watered down elmers glue... then that got to sit for about two days to dry. Added some plastic sprue bits that I carved to look like skinny stalagtites, a bit of sand, and black primer.

To start the miniatures, they get a coating of white primer. I like to block my miniatures (sometimes) in color before getting into layering.

Skin: Wash of Contrast Flesh

Robes: Wash of Contrast Black Templar