Greetings Warseerites,

To try to help me stay motivated to keep painting I've decided to finally start a WIP project log for my Tau Empire force, the Red Hands Cadre. First, a confession.
I am a glacially slow painter and modeler.

I put together my first Fire Warriors in 2004 (I think), they were from the 3rd edition Tau box that combined a Devilfish kit with a reduced squad of Fire Warriors (10 I think instead of the standard 12). They got to a state that I was satisfied with and varnish was applied somewhere in... 2010. Although I'm not sure I was satisfied as much as I wanted to move on to other models, so they were varnished so I couldn't go back and mess with them more. Most of my collection is in various stages of basing and highlighting (the vehicles are all just primed), and it's more common that my paint pots will dry out than it is they'll run out (is that even a thing that happens to people?).

With that out of the way, I'll likely try to get a whole collection shot later on, but these are what I'm working on right now.
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WIP Broadsides.
-On the left is one of my first conversion attempts, simply stacking the two railguns on one shoulder. In my head I was thinking along the lines of the Predator shoulder cannon, I'm not 100% happy with how this looks but it's pinned together and it's not coming unpinned so this is how it's staying.
-In the center is one I'm more happy with, with the twin railguns moved to a hand-held grip and the SMS system moved to the shoulders. This is probably one of my favorites.
-On the right is a newer addition that a friend won at a tournament in the before times. He played Tau but already had a full complement of Broadsides, so gave it to me. Assembling and starting to paint this one is what's gotten me interested in picking things back up.