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    Mousekiller's Empire Troops

    Ok, I feel like we have some momentum building... I am just really glad to be spinning a brush again to be honest and all of you really help to keep me motivated. Thus far this year, with all of your help, I have completed 53 miniatures (31 of them from scratch!).

    As promised, I am bouncing between new work and things that have been on the "work table" for quite some time. So, up next is this unit of 15 flagellants. I am going to try a slightly different technique, as I am really enjoying using the citadel contrast paints to help block out my color schemes. Of course I don't stop with a layer of contrast, though to be honest, the black contrast paint is quite nice and likely you don't need a lot of extra work after applying it. Anyway, these miniatures all had a black primer already, so I hit the unpainted ones with a dry brush of white. Lets see how it all works out over the next few days!

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