Ok, so as promised, I went through and blocked all of them out with some color. Contrast Gulliman Flesh for the skin, Contrast Blood Angels Red for the red bits, Contrast Black Templar for the black bits, and Contrast Gore Grunta Fur for the brown. Keep in mind, I am taking all 15 thru every stage, just taking pictures of these two individuals to show the evolution. I will take a picture of the entire unit once all the skin is done.

I am going to try to capture every stage for you from here on out. If it helps someone become a better painter, that is awesome! But also, if you see a step I could take to improve, please make a comment!!!

1. Bugmans Glow. This went on pretty liberally, but with the Gulliman Flesh it actually created a nice deep layer so it was still more of a highlight then a base coat.

2. White. Added white to the eye portions.

3. Black. Added black to the pupils. Probably could do more with the eyes, and might come back later.

4. Cadian Flesh Tone. The first real layer of skin tone. I felt I was able to leave a lot more of the Bugmans Glow exposed, hopefully giving more depth in the long run.