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Thread: Codex Adeptus Astartes: Primaris Space Marines (7th Edition)

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    Codex Adeptus Astartes: Primaris Space Marines (7th Edition)


    With my Codex Adeptus Astartes: Angels Of Vengeance project basically complete, my Codex: Dark Mechanicum project stalled out as I rebuild it from the ground up, and with lockdown here easing up enough (not to mention most of mine and my partner's hobby group being lucky enough to be vaccinated) for us soon to be getting back to in-person games of Warhammer 40,000, I thought it was about time I collated all the notes, ideas, and scraps of rules that we'd created for reverse-editioning Games Workshop's Primaris Space Marines of the 8th and 9th Editions of Warhammer 40,000 for 7th Edition. Unlike my previous projects which created brand new rules for weapons, units, characters, and vehicles, this one requires me to convert preexisting rules and units into an edition of the game they were never intended for - something that will require an altogether more intricate and lengthy process to achieve. Luckily, I already have rough notes for basically every non-expansion Primaris unit, but making those units and their weapons have any semblance of balance in the wider realm of 7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 will take much, much longer. Not to mention the process of reverse-editioning all the expansions for Primaris Space Marines that have been introduced. Suffice to say, this will be a long, difficult project, and one I am more likely than not to walk away from for extended periods of time as I burn out on the whole process. So as before, I ask you: please, please can you wait to post any comments and reactions until I have added the last entry and announced the project's completion. Though, I will still be more than happy to receive any and all comments and replies until that moment via Message.

    Now, with that out of the way: on to the design outline and then the Codex's contents!


    The Primaris Space Marines, like their forebearers before them are humanity's greatest champions - warriors without peers, armed and equipped with the most devastating weapons and equipment that can be provided. However, due to the technological advancements produced by Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl, they are beyond even the superhuman limits of the "Firstborn" Space Marines. In 8th and 9th Edition (with their prevalence of Wounds) this was mostly just represented with Primaris Space Marines having an addition Wound and Attack over standard Space Marines. However, when working within the confines of 7th Editon, I've had to be a bit more artful with how this difference in physicality is represented on the tabletop. Overall, I'm intending to represent a force that while more resilient, and with overall greater physical prowess than your standard Space Marine, is a resource in more limited supply than their "Firstborn" battle-brothers. Less: everyone is now a Primaris. More: everyone has a smattering of Primaris. Yes, they're still an effective fighting force without allies or reinforcements. But like with Codex Adeptus Astartes: Deathwatch, they're a force that functions better as an ally, or as an embellishment to a preexisting army.


    Unnumbered Sons
    Primaris Gene-seed

    Primaris Organs
    Rubicon Primaris

    The Awoken
    The Indoctrinated
    The Ascended

    1st Company
    Battle Companies
    Reserve Companies

    Scout Company
    Chapter Armoury
    Chapter Command

    Indomitus Crusaders Detachment

    Primaris Space Marine Wargear List
    Primaris Captain
    Primaris Chaplain
    Primaris Librarian

    Primaris Lieutenant
    Primaris Techmarine

    Assault Intercessor Squad
    Heavy Intercessor Squad
    Incursor Squad

    Infiltrator Squad
    Intercessor Squad

    Primaris Command Squad
    Veteran Intercessor Squad
    Redemptor Dreadnought

    Aggressor Squad
    Bladeguard Veteran Squad
    Reiver Squad
    Invictor Tactical Warsuit
    Interceptor Squad
    Suppressor Squad
    Outrider Squad
    Invader ATV
    Storm Speeder Hailstrike
    Storm Speeder Hammerstrike
    Storm Speeder Thunderstrike
    Eliminator Squad
    Eradicator Squad
    Hellblaster Squad
    Firestrike Servo-turret
    Gladiator Lancer
    Gladiator Reaper
    Gladiator Valiant
    Repulsor Executioner
    Primaris Battle Demi-company

    Army Special Rules
    Warlord Traits
    Faction And Allies
    Armoury Of The Primaris Space Marines
    Ranged Weapons
    Melee Weapons
    Special Issue Wargear
    Primaris Space Marine Vehicle Wargear
    Relics Of The Indomitus Crusade
    Tactical Objectives
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