Here is an update, so you know I haven't fallen back in to my old ways .

Started working on his base... a 20x20 mm will just not do him justice so I decided to make him a little display base to mount in as well. The larger stalagtite (or stalagmite... I don't know), is reinforced with a bit of sprue, but in essence all it is is dampened toilet paper that I formed into that desired shape. This is then drenched with a wet glue mixture and allowed to dry for a few days, it hardens like a rock. The grey ones are just bits of sprue that I have shaved down a bit. Plan to add a few more short ones, some texture, and some mushrooms.

On the goblin himself, I think I need to redo the checker pattern on the blade and make them slightly larger, right now they just don't look very good. I like the ones on the cloak. Any other ideas or suggestions? Still a lot to do on this guy.

What do you guys think so far?