Man, that Hamlet- Uuuh, Calus Darklore is great. The paint job is of course excellent, very stark, a nice contrast to the grubby look of the dead, and despite being Reaper, it feels like a variation on the classic warhammer necromancers, a merging of the topknot one and the warhammer quest necromancer holding out a skull.

The crypt bats are a good way to get something interesting out of a unit with quite boring models.

And the shambling horde is a wonderfully messy zombie unit. I wish I had had some ideas for some interesting unit fillers for my zombie hordes, but nothing came to mind that I wanted to make and I didn't want them lugging around trees or grave stones. Speaking of unit fillers, do you think it made the unit easier or harder to rank up than if you had had just normal based models?

Your skellies are of course also nice, probably something close to the best one can do with those lovely old hulking bones, when just taking them straight out of the box. Interesting choice of the stripe over their shields, any deeper significance to that or did you just like the look?

Lastly, Pieter is a lovely take on that model. It is a great model and you did it justice. Lovely veins, also, on the wings.