Once nobles of minor houses of the empire, the Crypt Bats proved to be the most loyal followers of Pieter Von Carstein. During the time that the Von Carsteins began to turn against one another, these three came upon the final assault on Pieter by the Witch Hunter Van Hal and the ultimate betrayal by Jarek Von Carstein. When all was done, they recovered what remained of their master and hid him away in the crypt they now reside. Over the years, cowering in the crypt for fear of being discovered, they slowly began to succumb to the more bestial side of their vampirism, feeding less and less on the scarce population around the crypt and more and more on the rats and bats that infested their home. After many years, with memories of their former selves faded to near extinction, a voice awakens them... "he is coming!". Slithering thru the crypt, they find their master sitting up in his coffin, and though their memories had faded their urge to serve their master remains as strong as ever.

Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures