The posts are really pouring out again. This is actually not a result of my painting speeding up but rather because there was a back log of stuff that needed varnishing and I don't like to have too many pieces out after glossing as I leave a week between the gloss and the matt layers. It's something that you don't want to get wrong or you are at risk of some spackling/icing making an unwanted appearance on the miniatures.

It is always nice to create a little command vignette. The miniatures are form the Footsore Miniatures Vortigern WArlord of Britain pack from their Late Roman range. Whilst the models would not really be great for say Adrianople 378CE Goths they are a good fit for the Goths circa Battle of Taginae 552 and the Gothic occupation of much of Italy etc.

More "clickable" pics and waffle can be seen on my blog here: