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Another great looking unit; I like the fancy guys at the front with their armour and shield patterns; the less wealthy at the back.

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These Footsore Goths, are they more 3rd/4thC?
They are. Unfortunately they are the only decent ones available in 28mm so I'm kind of stuck with them for now.

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What would be the main differences between these and the ones that you are waiting on?
Have you got the "old" Montvert book, Justinian's Wars, Belisarius, Narses and the Reconquest of the West? They're not easy, or cheep to come by nowadays. I've had a copy for some time so was spared the expense it would cost to buy presently. It has some great, "Osprey like" illustrations; anyhoo..... The Ostrogoths kicking around in Italy at the time of Battle of Taginae 552CE would have looked quite Romanesque. I had toyed with the idea of mixing in some Late Roman types but in the end I just thought I would have a mix of the "soon to be released" and the older types.

I was chatting to a friend who did some translation work for me a while back; he wrote his Phd Thesis of the sixth CE Byzantine army and was of the opinion that the Ostrogoths in Italy were a mix of poor and rich farmers- or at least the foot were. I'm still reading on the subject so cannot really say anything concrete as of yet. Other than what I have already said that is