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At the height of the Nehekharan civilization, a cult took rise that would eventually be known and revered as the Mortuary Cult. The idea of ever life was always something that the Nehekharans sought after, and if they could give life to beings even more ancient then Nehekhara the cult knew they would be able to figure out the secrets of the afterlife. One of the most powerful creations was that of the Bone Giants, who were infused with great power to protect the tombs of the passed on Kings.

The bones of Magog are even more ancient than recorded history, to a time when Giants roamed the earth freely and without fear. The smaller beings of the world even worshipped them as if gods, paying homage and offering sacrifice to them. Magog and his twelve brethren wandered from crude village to crude village across an extremely large swath of land from the giant fortress built at the top of huge mountain that is now lost in the known world. But soon a new power seemed to emerge into the world, the first signs of chaos came and Daemons swarmed across the land in numbers that even the Giants could not contain. Magog himself was known to be the greatest fighter of all his brethren, and defended the mountain fortress against swarms of lesser daemons who attempted to break down the doors. Finally, a bestial face appeared in front of him, with a body almost as tall as himself and massive leathery wings protruding from its back. Powerful axe struck against copper sword in the monstrous duel, as the greater daemon of Khorne overwhelmed Magog and finally removed his mighty head from his shoulders.

It was the bones of this great being that the Mortuary Cult animated to protect the tomb of Prince Nebā€™nesew for an eternity. The bones that now stir the sand and will protect the Prince as he once swore to protect his land, but no memory of that previous life still exists in the animated bones of this giant, only the will to serve.

Manufacturer: Reaper Dark Heaven Miniatures, 02911 Colossal Skeleton

Sculptor: Jason Wiebe