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Thread: Fox Of 9's 7th Edition Modifications & House Rules

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    Fox Of 9's 7th Edition Modifications & House Rules

    I'm sure it is rather obvious to anyone who frequents the Rules Development Forum that I and my gaming group still play 7th Edition, never having moved on to 8th Edition due to our collective dislike of how the game now feels to play. That said, we by no means ever thought 7th Edition was a perfect edition of Warhammer 40,000 (it just so happened to just be the edition we were all most familiar with). So, over the years we have made numerous modifications and house rules (both for individual Codices and the edition overall) to 'improve' and 'enhance' our playing experience. And with myself having just finished a massive overhaul of almost all of Codex: Dark Mechanicum's units, and being burnt-out on Codex Adeptus Astartes: Primaris I thought now was as good a time as ever to post a few select pieces of modifications and house rules that we've collectively assembled as a group for 7th Edition for you to look at. Maybe you'll really like some of them. Maybe you'll hate absolutely every single one and think they manage to make the edition even worse somehow. I don't know. Either way, feel free to post any thoughts and feelings you have for them down below in the replies.

    A unit that makes a Consolidation move in the same turn that they successfully complete a charge move is considered to have made an Unbroken Charge. These units roll an additional D6 and discard the lowest result when determining the distance they may consolidate. In addition, unlike a normal Consolidation move, models that make an Unbroken Charge can be moved within 1” of enemy models.

    If a unit that makes an Unbroken Charge has one or more models in base contact with an enemy model at the end of the Assault phase, then it has Overrun. The unit that has Overrun and the unit it is in base contact with are now locked in combat as normal, though neither unit can make any further attacks this turn. In addition, a unit that has Overrun does not count as having made an additional charge move.

    A unit that destroys one or more enemy units in the Assault phase (including via a Sweeping Advance) counts its cover save as being 2 points better than normal until the start of their next Movement phase. If the unit does not already have a cover save, it gains a 5+ cover save. Gargantuan Creatures, Gargantuan Flying Creatures, and Super-heavy Walkers, due to their vast size, do not benefit from this.

    If a unit Overruns into a unit that was Falling Back, the Falling Back unit must test to Regroup as soon as the enemy is found to have Overrun. This test is always a normal Leadership test and does not require Insane Heroism, regardless of the number of models remaining in the unit.

    • If the test is failed, the unit is removed as a casualty.
    • If the test is successful, the unit Regroups (without moving) and is counted as being locked in combat as normal.

    Bikes and Jetbikes move 2D6” when Consolidating, rather than D6”.

    Beasts move 2D6” when Consolidating, rather than D6”.

    Cavalry move 2D6” when Consolidating, rather than D6”.

    Due to their vast size, Gargantuan and Flying Gargantuan Creatures do not receive a bonus to their cover save due to having destroyed one or more enemy units in the Assault phase.

    If a Glancing hit is scored, roll a D6 on the Glancing Hit table.

    Ricochet. The attack strikes the vehicle's armour and is deflected, leaving the vehicle unscathed. No effect.
    Solid Hit. Though the attack fails to penetrate the vehicle's armour and directly damage its inner-workings, the vehicle has still sustained lasting damage. The vehicle loses 1 Hull Point.
    Dead On! The attack strikes with such force and precision that even though the vehicle's armour isn't penetrated, its crew is left rather shaken by the impact. The Vehicle loses 1 Hull Point and can only fire Snap Shots until the end of its next turn.
    If an AP2 weapon scores a penetrating hit add a +1 modifier to the roll on the Glancing Hit table.
    If an AP1 weapon scores a penetrating hit add a +2 modifier to the roll on the Glancing Hit table.

    Chariots move 2D6” when Consolidating, rather than D6”.

    If a vehicle is open-topped, add 1 to any rolls made on the Glancing Hit or Vehicle Damage tables (this is cumulative with other modifiers).

    Due to their vast size, Super-heavy Walkers do not receive a bonus to their cover save due to having destroyed one or more enemy units in the Assault phase.

    The roll needed To Wound when firing a weapon with this special rule is always equal to the armour save of the target, to a minimum of 6+. For example, when resolving a hit against a model with a 3+ armour save, you would need a 3+ To Wound. When resolving a hit against a vehicle, roll a D6 for each hit instead of rolling for armour penetration as normal. On a 1-5 nothing happens, but on a 6, the target suffers a Weapon Destroyed result and loses a Hull Point. These weapons have no effect on buildings.

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