Well, my local game store had a competition today, voting will commence for the week. My entry has a lot of work left before I would actually call it complete, but the competition itself was a ton of fun!

The rules:

1. You must purchase the mini from the Reaper/Wiz Kids rack, and the cost must be $6.00 and below (entry fee was $10.00, grand prize wins the difference).

2. If you need to primer it, it counts towards the three hours. I spend around 20 minutes just waiting on the primer to dry!

3. If it comes in pieces, you have to put it together, and this counts towards your three hours. Luckily, the piece I chose was fully assembled.

So, after three hours, here was the product (he still needs a LOT of work):

And the competition (which, for three hours, was pretty steep!!!):