Completed: 26 August 2021
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Sculptor: Gary Morley and Trish Morrison



The Fay Enchantress, worshipped and obeyed by nearly every noble lord to grace the fair lands of Bretonnia, rested on the shores of the Sacred Lake. She often did this of late, compelled to soak in the deep mists that shrouded the Isle de Lys. The mists served her well, the energized and healed her physical body while simultaneously invigorating her sleeping mind into long ago remembrance. She of course, and she alone, knew exactly who she was and where she came from. The mists helped her to remember all of those that came before, back to the first Fay. It was a strange thing, remembering.

As a child she was raised as a peasant girl, daughter to a now distant family whose faces brought very little emotion from who she was now. She had only seen 11 years in this world before the Fay came for her, like a ghost in the night. She remembered vividly, the faint glow that transcended from the form and beckoned her to follow into the deep wood. She followed without hesitation, and walked for what seemed like hours in a deep silence until they came upon this same lake. Beckoning her into the water, she was soon swallowed whole and surrounded by the clear green liquid. At first she panicked slightly, until she realized that she was still breathing easily even under the water. When she relaxed and scanned in front of her, she saw a streak of light coming right at her at a speed that was impossible. Once the light hit her it went into her, through her, became her. And that is how she became who she is. Emerging from the lake, she found a beautiful and graceful unicorn staring at her and knew this instantly to be Silvaron, her noble steed. How she knew this she did not know, and over the years would come to find that she knew many things she should not.

Now, Morgiana La Fay has been a part of the world for nearly three decades in this form, ready to do the Lady of the Lakes will in human form.