I can see the seams on your playing surface for the interior battle, but not the exterior. Is that one solid piece?

Oh, and two things point to that not being 2nd ed.

The first is the presence of a super-heavy tank. They did have some resin Armorcast models for them, but they were a rare sight and took up most of an army list. When super-heavies came into play in 3/4, I bought a Tamiya Merkava kit to be an IG tank but didn't get around to assembling it until I went back to 2nd. I've been using it for kit bashing, converting the turret into Falcon grav tank.

The other giveaway is your cityscape needs more and denser terrain. The firepower on call in 2nd was such that lots of LOS obstructions were mandatory if you didn't want the game over on turn 2. Even when we play on a "greenscape," there are large blocks of forests, hills, rock outcroppings and we allow each side to start some of their troops in fighting positions.