Here are some recent updates-

Went very old school tonight breaking out some of the minis from my first 40K army from 2 decades past.

The codex i used was the old 3rd ed Dark angels codex (well 3.5 the mini dex from 2002)

This allowed me to make some fun army list choices.

There was no master of the deathwing aka Belial in this codex and any member of the inner circle could lead the deathwing, as such i gave supreme grand master Azrael a deathwing command squad back when an apothecary and a techmarine could be in terminator armor.

In other sillyness i used his personal command land raider Prometheus- Angelis Imperator and a squad of fellow legion i mean successors- guardians of the covenant

We rolled up a table quarters deployment and a kill points match-

the crimson fists ended up going first. which was good for him since it is very much an assault themed army with podding combi-melta sternguard and assault terminators.

We both were having some horrible rolls. he lost most of his terminators to basic bolter hits failing 2+ saves and when my terminators finally got into CC i failed most of my wound rolls of 2+ :facepalm:

Still it was a fun game with the fists pulling off a 7/5 win on kill points. tie breakers were a wash. we killed each others warlord, he got line breaker and i got first blood.