First the resources

The parent company site

US distributors

Ammo drop-ITALY

Dust war journals

Download resources-free PDF rules and unit cards

PS-their forums got hacked it is a bad link DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

A nice batrep channel for DUST (and several other systems)

I will be posting batreps from time to time and any major additions as well as answering any questions that may come up.

DISCLAIMER-i know all about the bad kickstarter episode, that was a long time ago in gaming terms but many players are still salty about it. that is not something i care about or intend to discuss here.

The game itself is fantastic, the miniatures are top rate and the rules are some of the best in the industry for an alternating activation system. overall the game is great fun to play and well balanced (everything has a counter). If you prefer the board game version or the 3d terrain version of the game(i prefer the latter as a veteran gamer) all are welcome here it is only a slight change in the measuring system for the most part anyway.

Additional note: much like the L5R CCG, DUST has a global war campaign system where players can play monthly scenarios and post them to the DUST site so that their battles directly change the course of the story.