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My father in law was one for Brandy (he liked to mix it with port) but I've never had the taste.

The nicest cider I ever had was from a micro brewery and I got it in a country pub somewhere north of London while on a residential retreat. It was a lovely cloudy, rosey red and 13%.
Brandy is all over the place. Setting aside the cognacs, there are some very nice affordable ones, and others that are high-alcohol cough syrups.

I remember deciding to see what the "XO" level tasted like on an economy brand. It tasted terrible. As in undrinkable. I used it for a marinade.

In fact, that's the fate of all my failed experiments. If I buy something that simply doesn't measure up, it goes below the sink to be used as a marinade.

Life's too short to drink lousy alcohol.