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Thread: Can I mix acrylic mediums?

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    Can I mix acrylic mediums?

    I'm currently working on a model (the void dragon). And I'm not very good at painting staff so far... so I'm really not sure. I used Vallejo paints as base but I don't have two colors of the same paint that I wanted to use for the details. Can I apply details with acrylic markers over another paint? Or is it a bad idea and I need to buy colors I need? I have acrylic markers from these art supplies store. Can somebody tell me what is better to do?

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    Re: Can I mix acrylic mediums?

    I've never done it but if you could try on a test piece (a bit of card, plastic, spare mini etc) to see if you're happy with the result.

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    Re: Can I mix acrylic mediums?

    As long as they're all dry, you should be fine. I use Gundam paint pens for a number of things on my models (mostly black), as well as 00 Sakura Micron pens for blackline details and never had any issues.

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