CBT was my fisrt miniature game obsession starting back in the late 1980s when i was quite a bit younger.

Over the years i have played all sorts of games, Since we have a dedicated group that still regularly plays at our FLGS i am centralizing all related content here.

One of the many resource i have is the heavy metal pro battletech program that allows you to print out record sheets of stock designs as well as create your own.

Since i am also a fan of classic universal century gundam i used to toys i owned and did a direct conversion over to classic battletech using the 3d terrain inch rules.

We ended up doing one of those battles last night.

On the federation side-
Gundam GP-01
.GM custom X2
.GM cannon X1


.Gouf custom
.gelgoog marine
.zaku II
.magella tank


The gundam universe mobile suits are incredibly lightly armed and armored by CBT standards. however this made them far more "mobile" than the battletech counterparts for the tonnage.

This made every actual hit even with something like an UAC 5 dangerous.

As to be expected it was a brutal exchange with the federation loosing or being forced to withdraw 3 of their lance to the loss of the zaku and some heavy damage to the tank and gouf.