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    Mousekiller's Mortals of Chaos


    MacDeath, Khorne Lord of Chaos = 249 points
    Kurgan Bloodcaller = 113 points
    Tumeric Bilestone, Lord of Plagues =
    KURGANS BASTARDS, 20 Marauders
    Death Dealers, Mounted Marauders x5 = 115 points
    Kurgans Bred = 40 points
    Gargoyles of Bloodcaller Keep x5= 75 points
    CERBERUS, Spawn of Chaos = 50 points

    TOTAL = 768 points


    In the far north of the Chaos Wastelands, the Bloodcaller Clan has existed in the frigid cold and desolation for nearly 80 years. Father Kurgan Bloodcaller wandered to the land in years past when he was first called to serve his master, never questioning why the Blood God would ask such a sacrifice of him. Over the next few decades, Kurgan strengthened the clan with his own blood, by capturing woman from his various raids and breeding them for sons, as well as breeding strong hounds. Daughters are fed to the hounds in a ritualistic manner, as well as the weak sons. In the Kurgan Clan, only the strong survive.

    In the 60th year, Kurgan finally realized why Khorne had sent him north, why he favored him with so many wives and such prosperity. That year his harem had already birthed nearly 70 new males, and so the day seemed unremarkable at first. One of his harlots went into labor, but this labor lasted for days. Soon, Kurgan began to consider the prospect that he would need to feed her to the hounds to quiet the camp. As he lifted her up, the child inside of her ripped through her abdomen and immediately began feasting on what was left of his mother. Lifting the child up he saw the mark of Khorne emblazoned on his head. Taking this as a sign he tossed the child into a pit that contained three of his fiercest warhounds, only to witness MacDeath ripped the hounds to pieces. Over the next few years MacDeath would prove his worthiness, even slaying twenty one of his jealous brothers who attempted to murder him.

    In his twentieth year MacDeath entered the tent of his father to tell him that he had been visited by a bestial demon, who had given him the command of Khorne to take the Clan and begin heading south, unifying the clans of the North and slaying those who refused to submit.


    Tumeric Bilestone grudgingly shifted his decaying mass away from the pile of corpses that lay in front of his small army. The stench of decay and buzzing of flies was like a feast to him, and brought on such a feeling of ecstasy. It was for these moments that he now existed, purging the life force of those mortals who refused the indulgence of his master, the Great Lord Nurgle. He and his band now found themselves in the extreme north, every day growing closer to their masters lair. How many years had passed? How many years since he was known as the second son of the renowned Preceptor Franz Feurbach of the Knights Panther? The years no longer mattered. All that mattered now was helping to spread the Lord Nurgles pestilence to the world, to bring the glory of his god to the unbelievers. Some of his men moved forward to grab bodies from the pile. They would lay a few of them in Tumerics tent this evening, so that he may spend more time in their decayed embrace. His men knew him well.

    As he slept that evening, it was not the sleep of man. His dreams were plagued by images and strange voices. Finally, through the haze of foggy dreams, one voice was heard clearly, the voice of his lord. "Tumeric," it boomed. "You must gather your forces, the time has come!" He awoke in a great sweat, the sweet smell of the maggot covered bodies permeating the room. It was finally time. He would prove to his lord that he could rise to greater heights, perhaps even to become the Everchosen himself!

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