After many years of reading and occasionally posting, time to give back to the community with: MORE CONTENT!!

Theory of the Wolves is that they're a great company that don't give a duck. They like the knightly aesthetic of the marines of yore, and are all about efficiency on the battlefield. Kill enemy, move on. No pelts jamming up weapons or armor here. (JK there's a lot of pelts haha.)

Major hobby inspirations are Lack0fBetter name for their incredible titan builds and incredibly customized armies, Blackadder for their ongoing pursuit of hobby glory with the best Imperator on the web, Wispy for their epic conversions and light grey Wolves, (No longer on B&C, find them at @kaygeebeeamarok on insta.) GiantSw0rd aka Valbjorn, has tons of great content and tutorials on YT/Insta, and right now the hottest converter around.

Current project is actually two Armiger Helverins of House Hawkshroud.

Mechs and walkers are what got me into 40k between Warhounds and Wraithlords, so this project has been a nice return to some of the themes and designs that got me into the hobby. I'm also a big fan of Gundams, and a lot off the Helverin design inspiration I'm tapping into are inspired by the mechas from the Gundam universe.

I've just tried out the Vallejo air metallic series for the first time and the review is solid/solid. They flow great, good coverage, a very dark metallic look which is exactly what I was going for. Better dropper bottles to boot make them a must have for anyone with an airbrush imo. Other major hobby learning on this one is to thin metallics with either airbrush thinner or a lamia medium. Compared to the standard acrylics which I've traditionally used water for, the chemical composition of the diluting agent really helps the coverage and smoothness of the metallics.

Anyway though, on to pictures!!

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The lore story is that House Hawkshroud (Which I'm told has a history with the Wolves, not entirely sure how though... ) has once again teamed up with their staunch allies, the Vlka Fenryka, and hunt down the enemies of humanity. As their traditions hold, while fighting in battle with allies, Hawkshroud takes on talismans and honorifics from their shared struggles. Although they have not yet started draping wolf pelts and bones on their warmachines, they have been honored with runes and sigils to display on their Knights, referencing glories in combat, and providing protection in future battles.

I liked Hawkshroud for a few reasons, first their lore of being staunch allies, honoring their word, and always lending a hand appealed to me as a "Good Guy" player. Second their rules for better bracketing just seemed like the most competitive option for the house traits. Finally, yellow has always been held as a tough color to paint, and over the last few years I've gotten on with a friend about the pain of yellow while they painted their way through an angry marines army, so I figured this was a great opportunity to show them up with a super clean and smooth yellow scheme. In this regard, the airbrush has been a lifesaver.. I would only imagine that trying to hand paint the whole kit would be much more of a challenge. I'm all about efficiency though. Use the airbrush, and ezpz.

Left to do on these knights, tidy up the trim, and then move on to the main body and limbs to add bits of color and make the model really pop when you get close up. The cables will end up blue and red and green for some splashes of color. Similarly, some copper bits to break up the monotonous silver. Lights and lenses and switches. Finally, some grease and grime with washes of agrax and friends.

Lots of work left to do, but I'm quite pleased with the progress.

Conceptually, I like to represent the juxtaposition of a warmachine built to slaughter and the knightly lineage that Knights evoke. To that end, the torso and weapons should be all utility, grimy, greasy, and ready to kill, while I'd like the armor panels and the trim to represent that the pilots of these craft care deeply about ritual, appearance, and a notion of honor in presentation. The brightness of the silver trim and yellow panelling should hopefully stand out against the more toned down and grimy torso and limbs, as the "business bits" just need to be ready to kill. In a warzone of the far far future, they're gonna get dirty.