Hello everyone,

I'm a returning player who has been out of the loop for around 15 years or so. I got back into it recently due to my 8 year old son showing an interest, so I went to a local Warhammer store with him, and not only did he get hooked on 40k and painted his first two space marines, but he's asking me to build an army so we can work on things together and then play each other.

However, coming back from a previous Dark Angels player, things look kinda the same, but very different, if you get my meaning.

I'm wondering if there are any good resources for learning what's happened since I last played. Are there any good army planners online these days, or any kind of "Read this to catch up on what happened in 40k" videos or forum posts?

I'll be getting the new rules with the Command Edition starter kit my son is wanting for Christmas, and I intend to grab the Space Marine codex, as well as whatever Codex I end up selecting for an army. Do I need anything else?

Thank you all, and it's nice to be back on Warseer again!