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Thread: A Space Marine Project...?

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    A Space Marine Project...?

    So, after a long, looooong time away from the 40k universe I've come back to it to finish a fan-based project based upon giving an RPG framework for dealing with Space Marines. This was all pre-Deathwatch and, indeed, the initial ideas seemed to have found their way into the final product ("great minds think alike" I imagine).

    What I'm trying to do is finish the work of the excellent artist known by the soubriquet "Magelord". I'm contracting with some artists to finish the work (with Magelord's express permission), but I find myself in need of inspiration to finish things based upon the background.

    Here are some example images from the project.


    I would love to chat about what the various other organs could look like and where they may be located. Admittedly, others have chatted about this in past. I'm just wanting a more specific update that might also include some of the (after my time) Primaris updates.

    Anyone up for this discussion?
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