Years ago, there was an article featured in a GW product talking to a Dark Eldar tournament winner where they showcased his army. The main things it featured were some neat conversions. What was unique about this army is it didn't use a Webway Portal, had a Dracon instead of an Archon, and had a ton of jetbikes (might have even been 3x full squads of 10).

I've gone through a bunch of old White Dwarfs, and I can't seem to find this article. Now I'm not even sure I saw it in White Dwarf. Maybe it was a Black Gobbo article? A blog post? I can't track it down. I remember it was one of the better Dark Eldar tacticas out there for 3rd/3.5/4th Edition 40k. Does anybody else remember this?

I've also been trying to find tournament comp rules from 4th. that were frequently used for large tournaments. Seems like they've been scrubbed completely off the internet. If someone knows where I could find some 4th. Edition comp requirements, I'd also appreciate it.