My 48 hours of offsetting publishing on social media for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is now up and I can, at last, present to you the next unit in my growing Thematic Byzantine army.

This unit represents a body of soldiery living on the margins of the Themes. Lightly armoured "Light" cavalry used in the main for scouting though sometimes in battle they might be called upon to take the role of Defensores and/or Cursores and to this end I will be adding a back rank of six Hippo Toxotai. The unit will contain six for Hippo Toxotai per unit to act as Defensores and four Hippo Toxotai for Defensores. I hope that makes sense!?!

More pictures of the unit and some close ups of each miniature can be seen on my Just Add Water Blog here:

For now, here are some images of both the unit and a couple of close ups: