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this is the fluff for my thousand son force, got a bit carried away so its fairly long, enjoy and comment please

The prison corridors were dark, a cold dampness sticking to the air as the two figures walked down it, the warmth of the planet surface long since removed from this place. The two walked quickly, paying little attention to the screams and moans of the cells occupants. The taller of the two wore the dress uniform of a nobleman, his face was gaunt and clean shaven his left eye expanded due to a monocle placed over it. The other figure was hunched, bionics implanted through out his body, and a thick fur lined cloak covered the man as he limped after the nobleman.

“Tell me Hursen” The nobleman shouted so the hunched figure could hear him over the screams of the prisoners, “Who is this prisoner that the Emperor wishes me to question?” his voice was clear and well spoken.

“Well Governor,” Hursen started, his voice hoarse and ragged, “We found him in a escape capsule two months ago” Hursen coughed and splattered, spitting thick black mucus from his mouth, “Naturally we questioned him then but got no real answer out of him, so we placed him under maximum security.” Hursen motioned to a pair of autocannon equipped servitors placed at set intervals along the wall. “It seems” Hursen continued, “That the emperor desires information out of this man, we got a direct order from Inquisitor Drake to carry out an interrogation.”
“I know that” Barked the Governor, “But why do I have to question him?” he asked in a worried manner.
“The Inquisitor demanded that you should do it,” Hursen replied coldly, coughing once again as he struggled to keep up, “And I’m sure you know the price for disobeying an Inquisitor” he said in a tone that didn’t disguise the joy of ordering a Planet Governor to do something.
“Well, of course I know the price” the governor replied quickly, “That’s why I’m here in your prison Hursen”

“And I am honoured by your presence” Hursen gave a mock bow as they waited for the bulk head to open, “We are nearly here my Lord,” Hursen said in his wheezing voice, “just through this bulk head”

“Excellent” the governor muttered, “the quicker we get this over with the better”. The pair did not speak for the next ten minutes as they walked down a now silent corridor until they reached a heavily guarded bulk head at the end.
“Here we are my Lord” Hursen turned to the governor, “You have ten minutes, once you sit on the chair do not stand up before hitting the red button in front of you or you will be killed by the servitors” Hursen informed the Governor gruffly, “I will be waiting out here, enjoy”
Muttering curses under his breath the governor straightened his Dress uniform as he entered the cold dank cell. The light was nearly non existence in this small room, only the green scanner lights of the servitors pierced the gloom. In front of the Governor there was a simple metal table and a chair. On the chair opposite was another man, with unkempt hair and rags for cloths. The mans face was hidden by the darkness that infested the room, the smell was nearly overwhelming. However, the Governor would rather sit in a room with this beast then try and explain to an Inquisitor why he had disobeyed a direct order, “Sit” the voice came from one of the servitors, its autocannon pointed directly at the governor. As the governor sat down, the servitor’s gun followed him, the metallic voice spoke again, “Do not stand up, do not tally, begin.” At these words the governor cleared his throat,
“So, name?” The governor asked the prisoner, as he tried to suppress his fear.
“My name…” The prisoner began, his voice was clear and light, it didn’t sound like the man was past his teens, “is of no real consequence, and I doubt it is why you are here”
“Do not speak down to me slave” The governor barked as he suppressed the urge to stand up and strike the man, “You will answer my questions, what is your name?” he spat in a threatening voice.
“You may call me Kardon” the prisoner replied in a friendly manner, “what do you want to talk about friend?” he asked warmly.
“You are no friend of mine pig!” the Governor snapped back, “Tell me, why are you here and why does an Inquisitor want me to question you”
Kardon laughed in a light way, as if he was laughing politely to a joke at a dinner party, “Why am I here?” he chuckled, “why, to have a chat with you of course, why else?” he once again chuckled at the expression of the Governors face, which was illuminated by the green glow, “I was chosen to be a prophet of sorts”
“A Prophet for what?” The governor asked Kardon, his voice hushed.
“Why my friend” Kardon smiled and spoke in his light voice, “A prophet for your death” Kardon laughed once again, but now there was an edge of insanity concealed within it. The Governor was about to question but Kardon interrupted, “Now my friend, questions can wait till after I’ve delivered my piece.” Kardon’s laughter stopped, replaced by a deadly serious voice, “You see my good Governor, I come from a planet called Rhat.” Seeing the confused look in the governors face he smiled, “I do not expect you know where it is, for I doubt even your Inquisitor knows of the place” Kardon’s voice had lost its light amused tone, “but he seeks it, even if he does not realise it”
“Where is this Rhat?” The governor asked in a hushed whisper.
“I said no more questions Varkel!” Kardon snapped at the governor, “Yes, I know your name” Kardon sneered at the Governors stunned look, “Rhat was once a world of the forge, its gleaming towers a wonderful reminder of the power of the machines for centuries my ancestors worked, upon our backs a seed of decadence thrived while we, the chosen toiled our fruitless labour as little more then dogs.” Kardon stopped and sighed, as if he was reliving a painful memory, “Then, he came. He came from the stars to free us. A giant of a man with a thousand warriors behind him, he destroyed the decadence that blinded us, he freed us and gave us purpose, gave us a reason for our existence.” Kardon’s voice quietened, “For this, our master became our steward, a prize from the Betrayer for his services and victory, and we remained like this for a generation. The chosen our young gained the honour of becoming one of our saviour’s warriors and we thrived under his gaze.” Kardon wiped sweat from his face, “Under his watch the ugly towers of our faithless master were replaced by gleaming silver towers, our people became hungry no more, our children educated in the Masters way for years we shouted the masters name in awe, and in return he blessed us with knowledge and our society knew no evil. In return we produced the weapons that the master needed to fight other tyrannies in the galaxy.” Suddenly Kardon’s face fell as he wiped tears from his face, “I saw with my own eyes the Red giant as he greeted our master as an equal, and we felt sure that nothing could destroy this heaven, of course we were wrong.” Kardon’s face became even darker, “One day they came, servants of the betrayers.” Kardon’s face twisted with anger, “They attacked us like wolves, barbaric monsters that sought to destroy our masters, for days we fought fighting back to back against the invaders screaming curses to the betrayers of our master. Although great, our master was but a man and soon it became clear that not even his mastery of tactics and of the art could save us. The master therefore with a curse upon his lips activated an ancient device, a weapon that not even our old ones knew its purpose but we soon found out.” Kardon looked up, his face a mixture of anger and bitter sadness, “Our world was ripped from the world, cut off from reality as the device tore open a hole into reality, and Rhat was dragged into the warp where it remains to this day. The master had saved us for the betrayer’s armies could not follow us, we had been saved.” Kardon breathed deeply as he carried on speaking, “Our master however became a changed man, the rage of being betrayed rippled through his body, and we could feel his anger pulsing through his new world. We dedicated ourselves to a new God, no longer the foul betrayer would our praise’s be directed to. The master had found us a new purpose, the master in his rage dedicated himself to the great changer, and he was blessed with unnatural power and we all honoured him as a direct link to our new master, and Rhat became a Cathedral dedicated to his worship” Kardon smiled at this tale, seeing the look of horror on the Governors face, “Yes, I am what you could call a chaos worshipper, although you understand little of what that means” Kardon released a quick burst of laughter before continuing his tale, “Our master went to join the red giant in his thirst for revenge, and did not return for several years, we spent the time toiling our forges like we have done ages past, but now we had a new ingredient for the power of our new master could be bound to our creations, we had become masters of the art!” Kardon’s face was alight with glee has he spoke, coming sombre after a few minutes,