I picked up the Inquisition War omnibus a couple of weeks ago and have since been reading quite vigourously, and am now about half way through 'Chaos Child.'

This is easily the greatest peice of Background I've ever read. It goes so deep, remains so ambiguous and yet so compelling. I'll avoid spoilers, but just post a couple of points to start the commentary.

  1. Grimm. I thought I'd hate the Squat. He's an endearing little chap, and his mannerisms and the little bits of Squat fluff that get thrown in there. There are parts of it that MAY well have worked. As a single character, as the member of an Inquisitor's retinue, a Squat works.
  2. Captain Lexandro d'Arquebus. Best. Loyal Marine. Ever. A short story about him "ending his crusade" upon the Fortress monestary would just be fun. He could still well be alive, due to the Crossroads of Internia, warp travel, et al. If I ever start a Fists army...
  3. Speaking of the Crossroads. The descriptions of both the Warp, and the Webway, and the Eldar, are all superb. There's a couple of bits that don't quite fit, but are nice nonetheless. I can see some of the "darkness" of the Eldar plans and their callous disregard for other life making it into the next Codex.
  4. The Illuminati, the Hydra and the Sensei. Where are they now? Who knows? The beauty of it is that it's currently not confirmed or denied, which makes it wonderful.