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    The ABC Discussion Pit (OOC)

    It falls to the flawlessly witty and inflammably haired CEO Benjamin Kasen to introduce you all to the ABC . . .

    * * *


    Welcome one and all, to the ABC.

    This is the Out-of-Character Discussion Thread for the comediepic RPG referenced above.

    What is the ABC?

    The ABC, or, to those of you with a pathological fear of the Roman alphabet, the Anti-Badger Crusade, is your one-stop shop for badgers, more violence than you can shake a stick at, and more sticks than you’ll know what to do with.

    From one perspective, it is an epic tale of interstellar war, wherein a brave group of elite warriors from every path in and outside of the 40K universe – Guardsmen, Orks, Dark Eldar, Space Wolves, Werewolves, Demifoxes, Businessmen, Inquisitors, Ninjas, Psykers, Chaos Marines, and, at one point, a vending machine – do battle with the Badger Empire, a threat ignored by the Imperium at large.

    Using a slightly less deceptive set of words, it’s a long-running action-adventure series with vast tracts of slapstick humor, self-parodizing conspiracies, and unnecessary violence. It’s been running for some 20,000-odd posts back on the original server Portent, evolving from its humble roots as a joke about forum members gone missing due to the work of badgers, to the grand narrative that unfolds before you, with a vast and shifting cast of characters.

    And you’re welcome to be a part of it.

    A word of note: The 40K universe depicted here is not the Grim Darkness of the Far Future. The Thirsting Gods are there to be laughed at, and preferably wedgied. Those of you who want your tales of gothic horror and multi-millenia-old revenge can go submit novels to GW.

    How do I join?

    Two easy steps.

    1) Create a character.

    This can be virtually anything you find would be an interesting character to play. You might be with this person for a while, so try to have a little room for depth; while a sentient vending machine may be good for a chuckle, it hardly plays the distance. Don't worry about sides - the Badger Menace is greater even than the rift between Chaos Marine and Inquisitor, although intra-group tension certainly has its place.

    Disclaimer: If you play anything with the power of a C'tan that can crush a Thunderhawk by focusing on its own left testicle, you will be laughed at and sent home. If you come to us with anything that references Dragon Ball Z, you will be shot on sight. Yes, over the Internet. We have ways. No jury will convict us.

    2) Get online and talk to us.

    Simply get on MSN and speak to myself, Leviathan, or Grimskull Gutslusher. If you don't have MSN, get it. This is the primary medium of communication between ABC'ers. We'll talk to you, help you flesh out your concept a little more, work out a way to get you in, maybe even laugh at your expense. Although that last bit won't probably happen unless you ignore our earlier disclaimers.

    Good luck, and obscenely ecstatic hunting!

    Benjamin Kasen
    ABC Minister of Random Disappearances

    * * *

    For those insane enough to be interested, those contact emails are available both in the forum profile of the respective people, and here if you're lazy:

    Leviathan: davison_pedro
    Grimmy: squigletexpress
    Kasen: I'll put it in when he's ok'ed it.
    Last edited by Grimskull Gutslusher; 17-06-2005 at 13:52.
    *And so did Damien and Grimskull discuss what malign entities were causing the tribulations in the midst of Battlefleet Portentia.
    ‘Snotlings?’ Did Grimskull enquire. And Damien said ‘No.’
    ‘Badgers?’ Did Grimskull then enquire. And Damien realised its meaning at once and shouted ‘Yes! They art the menace that stalks us.’
    And Thus was the Anti-Badger Crusade Founded . . .

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