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Thread: UTOPIA - An exclusive sneak peek into my graphic novel!

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    Exclamation UTOPIA - An exclusive sneak peek into my graphic novel!

    Hello there, everyone!
    As some of you may know (if you have been reading my last threads) i had the luck of signing a contract with the publishing company Wilde Times Co. to publish a graphic novel written and illustrated by myself. The novel's title is Utopia and it takes place in a monolithic Tower, that is the only trace of life in an otherwise desertic realm.
    Through most of this month i have been working on the first pages, trying to keep on schedule until the release date next year (July 2007). And i have been given permission from my editor to show you some of them; i'm very proud of them, and i hope you will appreciate them too. And, of course, let me know what you think. WarSeer has been a great source of feedback for me that has helped me develop myself as an artist and realize that my work is worth something. So, a big THANK YOU goes to all of you who have supported me since my arrival!
    For more information on the novel, you can check out the official Wilde Times site here. There's not much yet, as it is still too soon, but check it around mid August and you'll find some exclusive material from me.
    I'm also posting here a couple of illustrations that are related to the story, for you to check out too...

    So, without further ado...

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    Visit the Wilde Times Co. site and pre-order Utopia now!

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