I have been thinking about an Emperor's Children army, the basic noise marine troops, although expensive at 24 points, offer the best point for point firepower of any basic troop, are fearless and have excellent stats and armour.

So how about this for a first attempt: would it be worth investing in?


4 squads of noise marines:
6 Chaos Marines with infiltrate and Mark of Slaanesh (132)
Free aspiring champ and unit icon
5 Sonic Blasters (25)
Autocannon -> Blastmaster (10)
Total per squad = 167, 668 for 4 squads.

2 Units of 12 Daemonettes = 180 * 2 = 360

3 Squads of Havocs:
6 Chaos Marines with tank hunters and Mark of Slaanesh (132)
Free aspiring champ and unit icon
2 Sonic Blasters (10)
4 * Autocannon -> Blastmaster (80)
Total per squad = 222, so 666 for 3 squads.

Chaos Lord (60)
Daemonic Gifts = Speed, mutation, armour, essence, rune (100)
Wargear = Combat Drugs, Doom Siren, Melta Bombs, Personal Icon (50)
Other = Twin Lighting Claws, Mark of Slaanesh, Infiltrate (45)
Total = 255

Army Total = 1949

Total models = 67

The 4 main units of noise marines take infiltrate to give them more deployment options, letting me see where the enemy deploys, rather than getting closer to the enemy. The Lord is a bit of a beast, I would like to try some 4 arm/snake body conversion, bossibly based on a Ravener?

Any idead or comments would be appreciated!